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by submitting this form, i further understand and agree that all information provided is subject to uti’s privacy policy available at uti.edu/privacy-policy uti’s welding technology program gives the hands-on training needed to prepare for a flexible career in industries from automotive fabrication to aerospace. students in uti’s welding program will learn about the procedures and equipment required to weld using gas metal arc (gmaw), shielded metal arc (smaw), flux-cored arc (fcaw) and gas tungsten arc (gtaw) welders. students will learn the welding positions used, from horizontal rolling to stationary or vertical, along with how to use the correct tools and equipment for cutting and beveling of joints during assembly.

each student graduates with either a diploma or associate in occupational studies (aos) degree, depending on the program and campus, with the possibility of additional certifications. uti graduates are prepared for entry-level positions using the provided training. universal technical institute of illinois, inc. is approved to operate by the private business and vocational schools division of the illinois board of higher education.

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