waterfall model in software engineering ppt

the waterfall model was the first process model to be introduced. in a waterfall model, each phase must be completed before the next phase can begin and there is no overlapping in the phases. this means that any phase in the development process begins only if the previous phase is complete. in this waterfall model, the phases do not overlap. in “the waterfall” approach, the whole process of software development is divided into separate phases. system design − the requirement specifications from first phase are studied in this phase and the system design is prepared. implementation − with inputs from the system design, the system is first developed in small programs called units, which are integrated in the next phase. integration and testing − all the units developed in the implementation phase are integrated into a system after testing of each unit. deployment of system − once the functional and non-functional testing is done; the product is deployed in the customer environment or released into the market.

maintenance − there are some issues which come up in the client environment. maintenance is done to deliver these changes in the customer environment. all these phases are cascaded to each other in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases. every software developed is different and requires a suitable sdlc approach to be followed based on the internal and external factors. some situations where the use of waterfall model is most appropriate are − the advantages of waterfall development are that it allows for departmentalization and control. each phase of development proceeds in strict order. the disadvantage of waterfall development is that it does not allow much reflection or revision. not suitable for the projects where requirements are at a moderate to high risk of changing. integration is done as a “big-bang.

this model is also called the classic life cycle model as it suggests a systematic sequential approach to software development. this one of the oldest models followed in software engineering. once all the needs of the customer are gathered the next step is planning. planning is even used to find the types of risks involved throughout the projects. this is one of the important phases of the architecture of the system is designed in this phase. an analysis is carried out and depending on the analysis a software model is designed. the actual coding of the software is done in this phase.

so, in this phase software is developed and tested. feedback is taken from the customer to ensure the quality of the product. the waterfall model is the oldest and most widely used model in the field of software development. there are certain advantages of this model, which makes it, one of the most widely used models yet. here are a few: this is my first & short presentation slide i have made. the waterfall model is one of the most important models in software engineering. if you have any doubts regarding the waterfall model or any software engineering models you can comment here or ask them on our facebook page. after learning about all the phases, advantages, and disadvantages of waterfall methodology when do you think is it right to use waterfall methodology?

breif explanation of waterfall model. it has been widely used for software projects ever since. 6. testing initially developers will perform unit testing and integration testing using of waterfall approach was first sdlc model to be used widely in software engineering to ensure success of the project. to expose you to software engineering, we will use a waterfall approach (though i’m sure many of you will throw some, .

5 phases of the waterfall model: 1. communication 2. planning 3. modeling 4. waterfall approach was first process model to be introduced and followed widely in software engineering to ensure the waterfall model(approach) is a sequential software development process, requirements specification; design; implementation; verification (testing and debugging); maintenance (installation).,

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