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this proves that you don’t need a huge brand established to go viral, you just need the right content and distribution strategy. this makes the company look good and is a powerful reminder. the video recorded a real event, making it that much more emotional,  and it fits perfectly with gopro hero’s tagline of “be a hero.” always has a female audience, and they use this video to go for a big emotional impact that almost all women will resonate with. this video uses powerful storytelling to share the story of a couple progressing through a relationship, with all-too-relatable ups and downs all included.

and it actually makes you think about gum as the romantic thing, which is pretty crazy. about half of the videos on this list would have you thinking “cute animals” is the secret to a viral video marketing campaign. for most businesses, using a combination of social sharing and ppc video campaigns to give your campaigns the initial visibility they need to go viral is going to be a great choice, regardless of whether you have a big or small social following. do you want to create a video marketing campaign that can help you build your business?

as of 2020, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, according to wyzowl. in that honor, we decided to look at ten best viral marketing videos of recent years and what made them so successful! these are a perfect mix of shock factor and humor! the recipe for success here is simple — make a cheesy and shocking video, and you’ve got yourself a winner! we won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t seen this ad yet, but oh, boy. this commercial is over the top in every aspect, and that’s what made it so successful! this ad is an excellent example of how a video marketing campaign can use a heartfelt personal story and connect it to a brand. this commercial is so inspirational and touching because it tells a story of an ice hockey team from kenya dreaming of participating in the winter olympic games.

this ad from android takes the idea of animals in commercials to the next level. the secret behind this low-budget viral video is straightforward — emotions, and plenty of them! but what is the primary reason behind this commercial’s success? this commercial has a humoristic take on a serious topic, and it nails it! this ad must have been a hell of expensive, but you can’t say that it isn’t a mind-blowing experience! here’s the sh***iest best marketing video of them all, pun intended. old spice man is a must-include in every viral marketing video list as this ad has become a worldwide phenomenon. that’s right; the company took their campaign to a whole other level by making a series of new personalized videos. did you find some of these ads inspiring?

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the most valuable aspect of viral video marketing is the ability to touch emotions on a much deeper level than in any other here are the 20 top marketing videos of all time to get your creative juices flowing . nonprofits, and other organizations has also gone viral—or at least increased sales and awareness big viral wins. too many small business owners believe that video marketing is something that’s only accessible or, viral marketing examples 2020, viral marketing campaigns, viral marketing ideas, viral videos

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