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i’m going to break the process of jump training down into a few categories to help you build a better idea of the “bigger picture” of vertical jump training. step 2: technique optimization jumping technique is a vital component of vertical jump training and is often the most important component to optimize for those of you who want to dunk. in order to get the most out of your jump training you should have access to some weights so you can add load /resistance over time. this is a great exercise to help build power through the hips via the glutes.

your goal is to touch as high up as possible, if you can’t touch the backboard, just keep trying and jump and reach as high as possible. with jump training you want to keep the reps down. a good way to decide on this is with a comparison of your standing vertical leap and running vertical leap. you can add a heap of weight to your hands via dumbells and if you progress slowly your hands will give out on the load well before your back does. i don’t agree with your philosophy and a lot of the exercises (like kettlebell swings and deadlifts) don’t work well.

you see, vertical jump training is all about specificity. you must train with movements and exercises that mimic the just keep the workout around 30 minutes with 3-5 exercises that you train at maximal effort. my routine: warm up first with various stretches and bodyweight exercises with some plyometrics. increased my vertical by ~5-6 inches and still , vertical jump bible, vertical jump bible, vertical jump bible reddit, vertical jump bible pdf reddit, vertical jump training program pdf.

4) do split squats as they activate the gluteus medius and adductor muscles to a greater degree than normal back squats. 5) before training, use post-activation potentiation, as it has been shown to increase jump height in the short-term. do a few reps of a heavy squat, drop jump, or tuck jump. 6) train the upper body. looking to increase vertical leap what are some of the core and leg exercises that would help me achieve that 11 votes, 16 comments. hey guys, i’m 1.78m tall (5ft10) and i really suck at jumping. (that’s why i’ve been setter or , vertical jump program, jump training exercises, best vertical jump program, imodstyle vertical jump training

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