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but knowing where you want to go is only part of the picture. because not only does building a roadmap challenge you to consider all the potential steps required, but it can act as one centralized point of contact for your team to collaborate. luckily, by integrating trello with the airfocus power-up, you can gain better insights and make those smart decisions on behalf of your company and customers. the airfocus priorities and roadmaps power-up was made to help you build an effective product roadmap in trello using simple but powerful prioritization techniques.

you can learn more about how to set up and configure the airfocus power-up here. this allows your stakeholders to vote up projects and features, giving them a real-time say in the decision-making process. oh, and if it’s important for you to show everyone a timeline, airfocus can easily translate your roadmap into a gantt chart, too: product roadmaps based purely on the intuition of one or two people should be a thing of the past. and if you decide to share a public roadmap, your wider stakeholders will gain an unrivaled visual perspective on what’s happening in your business and where it’s going. discover ways you can use trello to better prioritize tasks and self-manage your to-do list, tasks, and team projects.

beyond creating great things, product managers are the glue that keeps cross-functional teams together—the central cog of communication in the machine that creates and improves product offerings and the user experience. at any given moment, a pm is balancing multiple initiatives and communicating with wide swaths of stakeholders, all the while keeping the end user at the top of their priority list. the best product managers bring productivite habits and processes to their team. trello can be used at any stage of the lifecycle to ideate, prioritize, communicate, plan, and execute product releases and upgrades.

the below boards are used by the trello product team (to make trello the best platform it can be) and are the backbone of any successful product strategy, sprint, and shipment. set your product goals and tackle them with gusto by copying these trello boards and customizing them to make them your own. this trello board helps you manage your product workflow in one place while giving your team perspective of the whole agile process. create an actionable inbox to receive and prioritize feature requests from customer-facing teams like sales, support and marketing for your product roadmap. connect your favorite apps and enable additional features to meet your unique business needs with power-ups.

often, those involved in building product roadmaps on trello label task cards based on priority or trello templates | product roadmap template. give your team a blueprint for success with trello templates: copy, track product development and feature requests with stakeholders and product owners. * prioritize feature requests for, trello roadmap example, trello roadmap example, trello roadmap powerup, trello roadmap the isle, trello roadmap phasmophobia.

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