surgical sales training

it used to be that establishing a relationship with a physician was enough for medical device sales representatives to make a sale. product training is an important step in the right direction, but your sales reps need more than just the technical knowledge to sell in the competitive medical device landscape.

in addition, your sales managers must be equipped with the coaching skills to reinforce best practices with their team members. a buyer-focused sales process allows your salespeople to uncover the needs of customers and present a solution in the most effective way a consultative selling approach combined with technical product knowledge will allow your salespeople to build credibility and trust your sales reps will learn to identify a physician or decision maker’s behavior style and adapt their approach to sell the way the buyer wants to buy “prior to impact selling® i was a transactional based seller. impact has allowed me take a step back and look at the whole selling process from a larger perspective and take more time to narrow my focus on who a good customer is and what’s necessary to take that customer from a prospect to a long-term customer.

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