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check out this list and get expert tips on how to use these strength training tools to get the most out of your at-home workout. pushing your muscles to their max means strength training can (and should!) kettlebells are a must-have tool for at-home workouts because you can do a variety of strength training exercises, including rows, bicep curls, squats, deadlifts, and snatches. if you have a small space and don’t have enough room for a pair of dumbbells, resistance band exercises are a perfect alternative.

they’re also lightweight and travel-friendly, so you can easily pack it in your carry-on suitcase for a hotel room workout. the trx suspension system isn’t just for the gym; you can easily install this training system in your home basement to do a variety of strength moves. “sometimes a foam roller is too big and all you need is a little ball to do the trick. and unlike biking or rowing, you don’t need a pricey piece of equipment to do it. yoga blocks aren’t just for essential for making adjustments to your at-home flow and restorative poses; they can also be used to build strength.

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