sprite brand positioning

while perhaps sometimes overshadowed by its big brother coca-cola, sprite is nevertheless the world’s no 3 soft drink worldwide. pepsi comes in at number 6, nescafe at number 7, and sprite at number 17, according to its brand footprint report which ranks the world’s most chosen consumer brands. its ‘consumer reach point’ (crp) metric measures the penetration of the brand and the number of interactions consumers have with the brand every year.

product innovation was key—especially sprite cucumber, which offered a new taste and experience. “​ “sprite used a combination of marketing and innovation in indonesia to grow crps there by 9%. “​  “a resurgence in the uk saw sprite achieve a 1.5% increase in penetration and 19% growth in crps— spearheaded by its regular and zero variants. regular found new shoppers in asda supermarkets, while zero saw penetration gains in retailers including the discounter aldi.​” in 2018, sprite has undergone a number of developments in the uk: such as the launch of sprite lemon lime and cucumber no sugar, and a brand refresh​​ across the portfolio: the biggest investment coca-cola has made in the brand over the last five years.

marketing mix of sprite analyses the brand/company which covers 4ps (product, price, place, promotion) and explains the sprite marketing strategy. this was a huge success as this was easily differentiated from other drinks which was available in the market because of the colour and taste. sprite was marketed as a drink which is meant for the refreshment. the rapid growth of sprite saw a huge demand in the market. this covers the products in the sprite marketing mix. we find that they are priced according to the quantity which is supplied. the main competition of sprite is the brand 7up. the brand is famous and is eating away a lot of market shares of the other soft drinks.

sprite is a part of coco-cola and the distribution channel of coke is also used for the distribution. they make sure that their products reaches all the kind of customers and they are readily available all over the market. the company believes in the promotion to a strong extent. they are mainly focused in the promotion activity of the company. they are very hard when it comes to making the promotion in the form of packaging and the way they place their product. sprite is a brand which is under the company of coco-cola. people who are sarcastic are the ones who will prefer to have this drink. the marketing mix section covers 4ps and 7ps of more than 800 brands in 2 categories.

so what has sprite done right in a shaky market for carbonated soft drinks? messages such as “sprite & meal” positioned the soft drink as the perfect accompaniment.”​. uk revival​. sprite brand strategy / positioning case study. if you want to get access to sprite brand strategy analysis including positioning customer proposition • from coca-cola company, their #2 global brand. • lemon lime, .

11 marketing strategy of sprite vs 7up according to interbrand’s best best global brands of promotions in the marketing mix of sprite localized taglines – in india sprite uses the tagline “clear hai” this marketing plan is designed for sprite, which is a carbonated lemon flavoured, caffeine free target market summaries, product positioning and repositioning, essential marketing approaches and,

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