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going forward, through the stunning reality of visuals and dynamic sound, sony will transform the viewing experience from “watching” to “feeling.” ever since the launch of the first-generation handycam® video camcorder in 1985, sony has created a wide variety of cameras that make it easy for users to enjoy high-quality still images and movies. plus, in response to the diversifying communication needs, sony offers the ultra-fast nuro hikari network and nuromobile to boot—a mobile service that seeks simplicity.

sony’s aim will continue to be the provision of services that offer excitement and entertainment along with peace of mind. sony music group, governed by sony music entertainment (japan) inc. handles the music business in japan while also proactively engaging in other areas, including the development and sales of mobile game apps and other visual media platform-related businesses. sony bank delivers convenient, high-quality products and services over the internet.

our business. the principal businesses of sony are as follows. features the principal businesses of sony. tv & video, audio, camera, professional products and solutions, sony corporation is the holding company of the sony group (ソニー・グル , sony corporation of america, sony corporation of america, sony products, sony business idea, sony subsidiaries.

who we are. overview; electronics; film & television; music; games; other businesses. sony corporation of america. we imagine solutions. discover our products, solutions and technologies and transform your business today. the company’s first consumer product was an electric rice cooker. although this product sold poorly, totsuko, as the firm’s , sony business website, sony electronics, sony net worth, sony business model

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