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as most of you know sony is one of the world’s leading electronic companies. for the next 15 minutes of your time (hopefully ????), i am going to speak about some of the marketing strategies that sony uses to maintain and boost the sales of its products, as well as do a swot analysis. what refers to its vision, sony states “our vision is to use our passion for technology, content, and services to deliver kando, in ways that only sony can.” as you already noticed, sony bases its tactics on kando which reflects in creating a passion for the brand. here i want to begin by discussing some of sony’s social media posts in order to understand their tactics and positioning as a brand. as you can see, the picture displays a man holding the brand new model of sony alpha trying to capture the not very unusual autumn view in an unusual way. these kinds of brands are typical to the creator brand archetype.

at the beginning of the video, the man wears the headphones that offer sony’s new noise cancellation feature and as soon as he does so, he starts to see the world in a different way. moreover, the commercial also mentions the talk and touch feature of the headphone which emphasizes that the person is using the latest technological product, thus he is well aware of new trends in the world. moreover, they like to be in tune with new trends and technologies, as the internet plays a huge role in their lives. shopping preferences:  carpe diems give huge importance to the image of the brand. shopping and spending are one of the activities that they enjoy the most as sometimes they may even seek personal pleasure in daily purchases. so, these were some interesting facts and examples about sony and its marketing strategies that indicate why they are one of the leaders in their respective industries.

the company is hoping to inspire consumers to “discover the extraordinary in the everyday” with a campaign that stars real brand advocates and users of its xperia smartphone and wearable devices. as part of what the brand says is a move to “overcommit” in the online space and bought media, the campaign will roll out globally in print, ooh, digital and tv today with an 80-second film and seven separate 20-second pre-roll films as well as on social media through the hash tag #ican. speaking at the launch of the brand’s new platform, catherine cherry, marketing director for sony mobile said: “smartphones are at the heart of how we communicate, but products are not enough.” she added that the brand needed to bring its products to life with consumers by putting the experience at the heart of its positioning and strategy in order to show them what they can do with its technology. while the initial phase of the campaign is about “getting the brand positioning out there” through “broad, targeted and frequent” activity, she adds that a second phase of the campaign, set to roll out on may, will be based on user-generated content to get more people involved and take the campaign beyond 2015. using real consumers is in line with the company’s new planning approach which involves using consumer insight to drive its marketing planning and focus on its most interested consumers.

the company said investment in the campaign is similar to that of its xperia z3 campaign last year, which sony says is quickly becoming the best-selling smartphone ever for the brand. “we’re getting users to spread the word and rewarding them for doing so.” sony mobile is switching its focus to a strategy aligned around premium handsets after warning that poor sales will lead to a heavy loss in its current fiscal year. sony mobile’s european chief has admitted the company needs to be “bolder” about the way it releases products to market if it is to boost consumer preference for its mobile offering over rivals’ products. however, if user-generated content and crowdsourced elements don´t come into it, chances are it will fall short on getting into consumers’ minds.

sony mobile will embark on a major advertising campaign to promote its new brand positioning ‘we enable you to make sony’s electronics business is implementing a major brand re-positioning to engage with its core sony intends to maintain a leading position in its “trillion yen businesses” (lcd tvs, digital imaging, game and mobile phones) and will focus on expanding its pc, blu-ray disc-related products, and component/semiconductor businesses into “trillion yen businesses” by the end of fy2010., sony brand positioning statement, sony brand positioning statement, sony marketing strategy, sony marketing strategy ppt, sony marketing plan. sony positioning: sony is one of the world\’s greatest brands in the eye of the consumer. sony products are considered to be high quality, unique, and convenient. mainstream culture has embraced sony\’s innovation.

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