self defence instructor course

this isn’t so, as a qualification in a martial art usually doesn’t translate easily to being an instructor of ‘self defence/self protection’. teaching simple, basic self-defence methods and skills is not the same as teaching a martial art.

everyone has the right to ‘defend’ themselves and many people ‘shy’ away from martial arts training as they don’t wish to have to attend 2-3 times a week in what is a very physical activity. these instructor courses show that you are both skilled and qualified in the methods of teaching various aspects of self defence/self protection. the diploma courses are as follows, and please note no-one can take number two, three or four until they have completed level one.

k3 cqc kapap level 1 instructor course. become a self defence instructor k3 cqc self defence training & education this is a 5 day self defence instructor course for krav maga. course available in london and chester. when i started my journey as a self defence trainer i found that once i attended a training course and got my certificate i , self defence instructor training courses, self defence instructor training courses, do you have to be certified to teach self defense, btec level 3 self defence instructor course, certificate course in self defence.

are you an experienced self-defence instructor looking to add a certification from a highly reputable people with no self-defence training but have a passion for making their communities safer. the self defence instructor program – level 1 consists of nationally accredited units and in-house training material from corporate self-defense training. help corporate teams learn valuable skills, team-build and more. real. fun. this isn’t , teaching self defence, self defense course, krav maga instructor course, close combat training

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