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the lack of a bridge between these theories and their practical, everyday application is partly to blame. however, it is not as simple as taping a bunch of your favorite training programs to the dartboard every 4-6 weeks and tossing a dart at them, using the program that it hits for the next couple of weeks. this is usually referred to as an “anatomical adaptation” phase and lasts anywhere from 1-12 weeks, depending on the beginning fitness level of the client. however, for those clients who have achieved a good level of fitness and do not have any medical reasons that they should not participate in such high intensity programs, such as high blood pressure, working on absolute strength from time to time is vital to a periodized program’s success. absolute strength is the basis for all other types of anaerobic strength, and since most of your clients’ daily activities are anaerobic by nature, this is a crucial component of fitness to improve.

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the core of the program is broken down into 3 phases that consist of non-linear periodized resistance workouts for the first 8 weeks, followed by a 2 week overreaching cycle, and finally a 2 week taper of the training volume. i am assuming this means to do as many reps as you can with a weight no more than 60% 1rm. for me, if i am lifting 40% of 1rm i would be doing 20 reps, not 5. for example my 1rm on bench is 295, so 40% is only 118. garrett, the power workouts are based upon bar velocity and the ability of the lifter to accelerate the weight as fast as possible. for example week 8 at 60% with chains, i calculated to be about 75-80% of my 1rm.

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it turns out that the exercise you’ve been doing has worked so well that your body has adapted to it. you need to “shock” or “surprise” your body a bit. instead of doing the same routine month after month, you change your training program at regular intervals or “periods” to keep your body working harder, while still giving it adequate rest. the purpose of the study, which was published in the journal medicine & science in sports & exercise in 2001, was to determine the long-term training adaptations associated with low-volume, circuit-type training vs. periodized, high-volume resistance training in women (volume = total amount of weight lifted during each session). you should also periodize your cardiovascular training for the same reasons—to further challenge your body while still allowing for adequate recovery time.

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