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we’ve applied the sdlc approach to the resume process, which can be a methodology you utilize to ensure the key details of your professional life stand out to prospective employers on your resume! that are relevant to “industry demand!” identify the top 2-3 skills that would be helpful for you to start to develop a knowledge base with. for example, if a local recruiter told you they’ve seen an increase in clients requesting a specific certification and technology, and you have both of those, put the certification next to your name at the top of your resume and ensure the technology stands out at the top of the list of your ‘technical skills summary.’ if you’ve taken sql server 2014 training, add the courses you’ve taken to a ‘training’ section.

as we’ve discussed in other tips, make sure you have your own quality assurance process for every important product. when you ask a trusted person in your network to review, ask them questions that will provide you with suggestions on how to make it a better product! you can send to recruiters you’ve enjoyed working with in the past, post via a reputable job board, send to a local sql server user group leader to see if they can distribute to trusted recruiters and companies who might be hiring, and apply for job postings. review the list of requirements for each position you apply to, and ensure your resume reflects all relevant experience you have with those, and that the primary skills/technologies they’re seeking stand out!

strong experience in requirements elicitation techniques – conducting user interviews and jad sessions with the smes to review business requirement. proficient in creating use case diagrams, data flow diagrams (dfds), activity diagrams, deployment views and wireframes/screen mock ups using ms visio efficient in translating business requirements into functional and non-functional requirements using uml diagrams and rup. reputation for dedicated teamwork, high energy, work ethics and commitment with capability to handle new technologies and situations. worked closely with the data analysis and data warehousing team to ensure all the reports from the work stream are documented and the data elements (business names for the fields) are captured.

created uml diagrams such as use case diagrams, activity diagrams, and sequence diagrams to graphically represent roles, responsibilities and business artifacts that are engaged in a business process & communicate the use of the business-modeling artifacts as an input to system definition. reviewed and prioritized use case, entity relation, logical, physical and conceptual diagrams using visio with developers providing clear-cut picture to the developers. using informatica power center designer analysed the source data to extract & transform from various source systems (oracle 10g, and flat files) by incorporating business rules using different objects and functions that the tool supports. designed and developed many simple as well as complex mappings, from varied transformation logic using unconnected and connected lookups, router, filter, expression, aggregator, joiner, update strategy and more.

over 10 years of extensive experience in complete software development life cycle (sdlc) including system looking to revamp your resume? have a look at our trusted it project manager sample for the inspiration you need to it’s actually very simple. tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add, software development life cycle, software development life cycle, sdlc phases, software developer resume, sdlc resume project manager.

practical experience in software development life-cycle (sdlc), project and department management. expressed desire we’ve applied the sdlc approach to the resume process, which can be a methodology you utilize to experienced professional with a focus on sdlc and qa improvement. skilled in taking organizations to the next level of,

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