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the first one is how much did i mark up the book as i was reading it and the second is how many books or articles did the book reference that i sought out afterwards. the most important question that i can attempt to answer in this review is what i believe you will get out of reading this book. it in fact, it goes further to consider how to apply agile and lean concepts at the enterprise level, more on this in a minute. the second strength of this book is its solid foundation in it history. both of these graphs, and more importantly the discussions around them, will help to give you the background that you need to work your way through the propaganda of the process prosthelytizers among us.

page after page he presents strategies from a wide variety of sources, not just the current process fashion, and explains why and in what circumstances they work. the book’s name is apt, it truly does represent a third category of software process (the first one being waterfall/serial development and the second iterative and incremental development). it’s very rare to see coherent discussions of project-level issues and enterprise-level issues in the same book, yet sdlc 3.0 pulls it off. the bottom line is that it isn’t very often that a software process book comes along that truly impresses me, and sdlc 3.0 is one of the few that has. to put things in perspective, other such books include extreme programming explained by kent beck, lean software development by the mary and tom poppendieck, introduction to the rational unified process by philippe kruchten, and organizational patterns of agile software development by jim coplien and neil harrison.

sdlc 3.0: beyond a tacit understanding of agile [kennaley, mark] on amazon. com. *free* shipping on qualifying copyright 2012 fourth medium consulting inc. “optimize the whole” – sdlc 3.0. slide 8. © copyright 2010 fourth let’s build a smarter method. sdlc 3.0: a complex adaptive system of patterns. mark kennaley, .

sdlc 3.0 book. read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. mark argues coherently for what he calls sdlc 3.0, a tailored hybrid of strategies taken from lean, agile, and the unified sdlc 3.0 represents the rationalization of modern software engineering methods into a complex adaptive system of,

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