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the roadmap integration for jira keeps stakeholders in the loop with notifications when there’s progress from jira. jira is a massive (and helpful!) the roadmap & jira integration works across the organization to collect feedback, track ideas, and align stakeholders around progress from jira. once you enable the integration, you’ll be able to push ideas from your backlog or stories to create high-level tickets in jira. if you’re using the manual option, each idea will have the option to be pushed to jira once it is added to a story. on the jira integration page in roadmap, you’ll find your public key. copy and paste your public key into the “public key” field in jira.

note: if there is a firewall between your jira server and the internet, you’ll need your system admininistrator to allow traffic from our ip addresses. note: if you are self-hosting with a non-https endpoint the integration will not work. to install the jira integration for product roadmaps, go to settings –-> integrations –-> connect. you’ll be asked to authorize the connection between roadmap and jira. in this step you’ll see a list of your jira projects and issue types. select the jira project where ideas should be created and select the issue type you’d like to create. create a webhook with jira to track ideas as completed in roadmap when the ticket is closed in jira. use the url provided on the integrations page in roadmap.

whatever your profession, you need the right tools and resources to be successful in each aspect of your role. but jira, at its core, was not designed to create product roadmaps—which should convey only a high-level strategic overview of an organization’s plans and goals for its product. project management apps and product roadmap apps have two different functions. and if you choose the right tool, you can connect your project management tracking in jira directly into your product roadmap—and get more value from both of these tools. so, you will want to look for a product roadmap app that offers a high degree of integration with jira. hbspt.cta.load(3434168, ’83ca4782-9cfe-4234-83e5-2ac0ed8ecf84′, {}); once you’ve settled on the right product roadmap app, you will want to decide the level of detail to include on both your roadmap and in your jira account. these items can all roll up to the more strategic items—themes and epics—which you will maintain on your product roadmap. you can then return to the parking lot anytime to review your epics and other items.

let’s say you’ve built up a list of themes, epics, features, stories, and other initiatives for the product you’re planning to build. how will you decide what items to work on first? time and cost to complete? pressure to match the functionality of a key competitor? for example, let’s say you’ve imported a number of epics and other items from your jira system into productplan’s parking lot. from here, you can perform a cost-benefit analysis and assign scores for various criteria to each initiative on your list. now that you’ve decided which epics and other items to prioritize, you can begin adding those details to your product roadmap. you can set up your roadmap framework by creating themes, and then dropping epics and other items under each theme. with a purpose-built roadmap app, you can add, remove, and rearrange the details and view of your roadmap with just a few clicks.

productplan’s flexible jira integration makes it easy for teams to build beautiful roadmaps and sync them with items in jira integration. the roadmap & jira two-way integration pushes ideas created in roadmap to tickets in your jira projects. with our jira integration, the changes you make to your issues in jira software will be reflected in your roadmap — and, jira roadmap, jira roadmap, aha jira integration, jira portfolio, jira advanced roadmaps.

build your roadmap in aha! and prioritize features within releases. then use the bidirectional integration with jira to getapp has a large list of product roadmap software that integrates with jira. read reviews, buyer’s guides, and 5 steps to integrating your roadmap into jira. productplan jira integration setup screen. step 1: choose the right,

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