raw functional training program

weights have their place—and often, that place is in your hands or on your back as you squat, bench, or deadlift your way to a new pr. what you can expect from rulk’s brand of training might be best exemplified by the sit-thru, a move he says he does 1,000 reps of per day. that’s really where it came from.” rulk notes that sit-outs are great for wrestling and jiujitsu drills, but when kicking out to escape a hold, you end up putting a lot of strain on your shoulder girdle. much of rulk’s training is based on a curriculum he created called raw functional training (rft), which focuses on bodyweight movements to improve mobility and increase functional strength. he notes that they promote shoulder stability, activate the core, mobilize the hips, work the pecs and quads and, if you do enough of them, they seriously test your conditioning.

if you can do 30, great—next time try five sets of 30. as you progress, you’ll find that your shoulders and core get stronger. this will get you used to the movement. once you’ve mastered the basic move, you can try a couple of variations to test your mettle. one of rulk’s favorite variations adds a pushup to the mix. you want to stay tight and contained to maintain good form. once you get the technique correct, you can go for a longer duration with more efficient movement.”

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