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public roadmaps need to be formatted, designed, and hosted in a way that makes them easy to consume. endless columns, statuses, tags, and posts make a roadmap hard to navigate and slow to load. if the option to do so isn’t in easy reach, it means extra effort for the user. buffer has solved this by adding the link to a submit request form. the thing we love most about a good product roadmap example is the ability to have a discussion about features. buffer isn’t using trello to just inform their users about the roadmap. monzo is a bank service based in the uk. building a custom public roadmap can seem like a scary task and a lot of work.

on these pages, you can see details and updates for a feature, go to the community to discuss, or view related feature requests. discussion is easy to access, but it’s not in the way of those just browsing. it’s refreshing to see a custom built page that isn’t overdone. it’s an interesting approach to allowing discussion on features (although we didn’t try it out to see if we get a response or not). attendify has a cool extra section on their roadmap page that explains some of the principles behind how they build things. by creating separate content about a feature and making it accessible to those who want to see it, attendify makes sure that the roadmap isn’t overwhelming. the little extras and more categorization is nice to look at and easy to navigate. elen enjoys drinking unnecessary amounts of coffee, typing words, and filling out marketing spreadsheets.

there is a temptation to keep your product roadmap private and a closely guarded secret. by allowing your users to vote and comment on your product roadmap, you are giving yourself another channel of communication to them. this can only help to focus your product development efforts and give you confidence that you are working on the right user stories. ideally, it should also offer two key features: you want to choose a tool that offers feature voting to your users so that you can gather feedback from your user base on your future product direction. automated notifications are a powerful feature that ensures that you close the feedback loop with your users. the first step to getting your public roadmap set up is to determine the stages that features flow through in your product development.

the best public roadmap tools allow you to customize the statuses that feature requests and ideas flow through. your public roadmap tool should allow you to build trust with your users, and forcing yourself to use pre-prescribed statuses is not a good start to that process. trello is a free kanban board tool that can also be used to share your product roadmap. it has been designed from the ground up to ensure that you can cleanly communicate your product roadmap and gather important feedback and insights from your users. we’ll leave you with a final few thoughts on what to prioritize when choosing the right tool for the job: ready to get started with turning your product roadmap into a public roadmap? noora is a feature voting and public roadmap tool that ticks all the boxes for essential features that we’ve covered in this article.

a comprehenesive free product management tool for roadmapping, release notes and ideas. collect ideas and feedback from your public board and allow users to up-vote their favourite ideas. more works with the tools you know and love. “the public roadmap has seen engagement that’s been through the roof.”. 14 productboard 2.0 the product management system for makers who care 14 aha! the world’s #1, .

buffer’s roadmap is hosted in trello. while it isn’t a specialized roadmapping tool, it works well enough when choosing a public roadmap tool, you should be looking for something that doesn’t require a well, we’ve got to the stage where customers are asking us for a public roadmap for our saas so that,

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