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in smaller teams, the product manager can essentially be a team of one. sometimes, the best approach is to be transparent and provide a roadmap for your customers and prospects to look at. you can choose between different views, including the standard gantt and kanban, and also a multidimensional chart, showing your priorities. however, once you adapt wrike to your workflow, you’ll find that it’s a powerful way of aligning your product team, and keeping track of who is doing what. you can choose the one that suits your needs. you can then create user stories using the feedback, before adding them to projects and features on your roadmap.

you can share the roadmap with customers and stakeholders, but currently only as a pdf file. as for sharing your roadmap, you can create different views of the same roadmap and then share it with different stakeholders. roadmunk gives the power to the product team to create a view of the roadmap for everyone. that means you can share a high-level roadmap with your stakeholders, and a more granular roadmap with your dev team. you can also connect trello to a range of different product management tools, including airfocus and github. once you make your roadmap, you can share it with your stakeholders, which is easy thanks to the unlimited viewer accounts included in every plan. there are a lot of product roadmap tools to choose from.

how a product roadmap looks can differ tremendously, depending on the type of project, the intended audience, and the team using it. product roadmaps come in a variety of different forms, depending on user and audience, and so roadmap software is similarly varied and adaptable. you can pick from a range of prioritization templates built on the most effective decision-making techniques, and take advantage of the prioritization wizard to set up a workspace and roadmap in minutes. miro offers a product roadmap template allowing teams to create a product timeline and guide the development process.

zoho sprints is their product roadmap tool, created for agile teams to help reduce clutter and deliver great products on time. shareable boards: zoho sprints incorporates meetings as part of the platform and has a dedicated ‘feeds’ feature to keep distributed teams together and provide a space for collaboration and quick feedback. it offers a wide range of options for a huge variety of tasks, projects, and plans, and can be customized to provide specific product roadmaps. templates: trello offers a huge variety of templates, with blueprints for teams from every sector and for every type of project, from holiday planning to software development. for product roadmaps, airfocus offers the best, most user-friendly option, and will make a huge difference to your team’s project planning.

targetprocess is a software tool to visualize and manage agile projects according to scrum, kanban or a custom see our full template library. product roadmap. try it. marketing roadmap. try it. project roadmap. try it. 1. productplan. productplan is a great tool for managers who prefer to create a visual overview of their projects. it, .

sign up for a free 30-day trial of our web-based roadmap software. we help more than 400000 users build products it’s important to consider this when choosing a product roadmap tool. wrike — for managing tasks and projects. product roadmap software can be used by development teams wanting to set out a shared, consistent vision for a project,,

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