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you begin to review your spreadsheet outlining how your roadmap will be a needle-mover for the company. we have all heard how people respond better to visual information rather than plain text. as product managers one of your key jobs is to be an evangelist for the product. in fact, some product teams care so much about creating the right impression that they spend hours crafting a beautiful product roadmap presentation. but in today’s agile world, there isn’t time to hassle with updating a graphic, powerpoint deck, or spreadsheet every time the roadmap is re-prioritized or your executives want to review it. color is a great way to represent how your roadmap ties to the product vision or strategic objectives. people have a limited amount of time to digest your strategy, so use large fonts, especially if you are presenting your roadmap on a projector or in an online meeting.

think of your roadmap very much like a presentation and you’ll be ahead of the game. if you can, create logical groupings of initiatives to make the roadmap easier to grasp. to make it even easier, we created a repository of 20+ roadmap templates that can be imported and edited directly in our app. below is a great visual roadmap template to help get you started. we’ve heard repeatedly from our customers that their stakeholders respond better to a visual product roadmap, helping the product manager achieve buy-in on their product strategy. and with the help of a visual roadmap template like the one above, why not get started today? think about your car’s interior or the interior of the last… read → in between “scrappy startup” and “enterprise behemoth” lies the mid-size company.

so, we wrote this guide to prepare you for planning, building and sharing a great product roadmap that will make you—and the progress you’re making—look great in front of your teams. having a product roadmap encourages teams to narrow down the focus of the problems that can be solved using the available resources―a prioritization exercise in and of itself. everything you do should be aligned with that unique positioning for your product; the outcomes that vision aims to create for current and potential users. this depth of research and problem discovery during the product roadmap planning phase is crucial to generating the right problems you’ll commit to solving over a period of time. your roadmap should illustrate, or be informed, by the answers to the questions: one popular method that helps product teams answer these questions is objectives and key results (okrs). this is where a prioritization framework comes in handy during the product roadmap planning phase. we wrote a whole book about the prioritization process and the best frameworks you can adapt to your organization’s needs.

from post-its on a whiteboard, excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides, all the way to a flexible roadmap tool like roadmunk. your roadmap presentation is the perfect time to shine as a product manager in front of your stakeholders: you’re able to demonstrate how well you know the market, the users, the product and the business goals. all of that is valuable for sales to see on a product roadmap, both internally and externally, because it impacts how we approach our messaging.” how to communicate your roadmap for successful buy-in: the ceo of the company tends to be pretty hands-on with most facets of the company, and especially with the product roadmap. but if you decide to have a customer-facing roadmap, it’s important that they see the value that they can anticipate your product will deliver. a product launch roadmap is a visual communication tool that illustrates how a new product will hit the market. suggested reading 8+ free customizable product roadmap templates how to focus on the right qualitative and quantitative data for the product roadmap why a roadmap tool is better than a microsoft office roadmap build your first product roadmap in roadmunk.

tips for creating a visual product roadmap use color use large fonts keep it high level. at the highest level, visual roadmaps organize tasks under overarching themes. themes are a simple way to label and aha! is the #1 roadmap software tool for product, marketing, it, and project management teams. choose from a, product roadmap template, product roadmap template, product roadmap example, product roadmap tools, visual roadmap template.

a product roadmap is a visual communication tool that aligns a company around a high-level product strategy. 1. define your product strategy. 2. choose which releases to highlight across multiple products a product roadmap is a high-level visual that maps out the evolution of your product over time.,

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