product mix of britannia

the marketing mix of britannia discusses the marketing mix strategy of britannia industries limited (bil), which is a market leader in the indian bakery and biscuit market. in the same year they joined the dairy product market, and released a string of snacks, with this philosophy in mind. bakeries set up in the 1960s at various locations around india ensured a constant supply of fresh bread, and as the company began distributing biscuits from other smaller companies it had taken over, they started to manufacture and release their own biscuits. in 2006, the tiger brand part of the company achieved total sales of $150 million. britannia has been one of the market share holder for many years in india. the company distributes its goods up and down the length and breadth of india. the company has been voted one of india’s 100 most trusted companies, as listed in the brands trust report.

the strongest asset for the promotion of britannia products is the product itself. same is in the case of britannia as well. however, the advertising spends for britannia are controlled because of the brand equity of britannia products and the presence of the brand for almost a century in the indian market. britannia has enough brand and clout in the market, because of its constant presence in the last few decades, that its product receive a natural pull from the market. parle is one of the major competitors of britannia and in that, parle g has remained unbeatable for decades. thus, britannia products are much better in quality and are good in price as well. let’s stay in touch 🙂

marketing mix of britannia analyses the brand/company which covers 4ps (product, price, place, promotion) and explains the britannia marketing strategy. the product line depth is highest for biscuits consisting of several products, followed by cakes and breads. britannia tiger biscuits is the most famous of all products. the base of britannia’s marketing mix pricing strategy is competition. the price of britannia products is very much comparable with its competitors, especially with that of parle products, and they are almost the same. the online segment, which contributes to less purchases, has been possible by having tie ups with large ecommerce organizations.

britannia has made deals with large retailers like spencers, big bazaar which hosts large quantity of britannia products and provides better display location. advertisements for television, print media and billboards are few of the many techniques used by britannia in their promotional marketing mix. hence, this concludes the britannia marketing mix. in the year 1995, it had been acquired by the wadia group; which is one of the oldest conglomerate in india. headed by industrialist nusli wadia, britannia is a giant in the ever-increasing food industry in india. browse 4ps analysis of more brands and companies similar to britannia marketing mix.

the marketing mix of britannia discusses the strategy of britannia industries limited, which is a product differentiation -britannia in order to differentiate its products recently changed the packaging of marketing mix of britannia analyses the brand/company which covers 4ps ( product, price, place,, .

marketing mix helps the company to create demand for the product and to influence the consumers price in marketing mix of britannia. britannia uses only one pricing strategy, which is competitive pricing. britannia is product name, year, month, sales quantity, sales value (rs. crore), product mix (%). food products, 2020, 12,

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