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for many professionals who lead company initiatives — product managers, marketing managers, technology executives — a roadmap often serves as their primary mechanism to plan, share, track and update these initiatives. given how central a roadmap can be to a company’s most important programs, from launching a new product to implementing a new enterprise-wide network, it follows that choosing the right roadmap tools can play a major role in the success of a company. in the case of a product manager developing a product roadmap, for example, a spreadsheet can be useful for compiling a product’s features, themes, initiatives, stories, and deadlines. first, spreadsheets are not visual. when a product manager needs to communicate the strategic plan for the product — a vital part of a product manager’s role — the spreadsheet does not offer any compelling visual framework. sending spreadsheet files back and forth among various constituents can create version-control issues and confusion.

many managers who need to use roadmap tools prefer presentation software over spreadsheets because it outputs a document that is visual. to continue with the product manager example, a presentation gives more freedom in visually communicating a product’s strategic vision to various constituencies. ultimately, the right roadmap tool should not be a static document; it should be web-based and always up to date. but project management tools have the drawback of being designed to track the ground-level details of an initiative — dates, individual tasks or “tickets,” email messages among various teams, etc. these applications, like presentation and spreadsheet software, have little ability to easily alternate between presenting the tactics and the strategy — because they were simply not designed to be roadmap tools. — any professional who needs to plan, prioritize, communicate and then track the progress of a strategic company initiative. because they were designed exclusively for roadmaps, these tools provide all of the most important elements a product manager or other manager needs in a roadmap.

and, for a long time, i used excel, powerpoint or word (in that order) to create these roadmaps. an ex-boss once told me, “microsoft excel can do everything!”. i think i took it rather seriously — i perspired, persevered, and picked up a few skills in excel. skip forward to a year ago when i saw a colleague do something amazing. i was blown away; it’d have taken me an hour or two to do the same thing in a spreadsheet! so, i looked high and low for better tools to create visual roadmaps for projects and product development. is a fantastic solution if you want to create a product roadmap. it covers the why, what, and when of your product development — giving your engineering team a clear understanding before they start developing the next big thing. productplan is a beautiful way to show off your project plans and roadmaps.

you can lay out your product strategy in a format that shows the big picture to your boss while also allowing your development team to work on the little details that matter for every project milestone. you can also import data from csv files, drag and drop things to change/update your product roadmap, and even attach files and notes to collaborate with your team. prioritize tasks, assign them to your team, and turn your product management into a collaborative effort. of course, you can also share your product roadmap with the management team in a visual format that works everywhere. it focuses on simplicity and being intuitive using a flow chart-like ui. plan your project (or product development) as a series of steps and then assign tasks to your team. as a project or product manager, have you tried any of these tools? do you use a fantastic roadmap tool that i haven’t covered? create visual, easy to understand roadmaps for your development efforts, and get your team on flock so you can share, communicate, and collaborate — faster.

spreadsheets. the primary value of spreadsheet software is that it lets a roadmap creator tracklists. in the case of a made by product managers for product managers, aha! is a fantastic solution if you want to create a overviews of the best product roadmap tools 1. – best product management tool for, .

8 product roadmap tools to kickstart 2020. product. roadmapping is a crucial part of every product manager’s role, build lovable products with the world’s #1 roadmap software. aha! roadmaps is a product management suite and the best learn more about product roadmaps, how agile teams can use them, and for product owners and managers, roadmaps unify teams working on high remember, the roadmap is a planning tool to think through how to build great products.,

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