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a product roadmap is a high-level summary that maps out your product vision and overarching product strategy. in fact, a product roadmap should supplement your in-person product strategy conversations — setting goals and planning strategic initiatives. bottom line: you should be spending a good portion of your day in your product roadmap so that the roadmap won’t fail.

in other words, your standard product roadmap should give you both a longer-term view of your product’s plans and a more ground-level guide as to what you should be focusing on to meet those goals and deadlines. a roadmap that combines several products has the added benefit of allowing you to create a long-term strategic view of your product’s journey in the larger context of the simultaneous development of your other products. and because they can be such an integral part of a product manager’s daily workflow, it is worth spending the time to determine which product roadmap style is right for a given initiative. a product roadmap is a high-level visual summary that maps out your product offering’s vision and direction over time.

one tried, and true way to get ahead is to create a product roadmap that communicates the product plan and aligns your whole organization around it. that’s why we’ve consolidated the best roadmap types that can help you communicate the why of your plan and the what and provide the right level of detail for your stakeholders. the roadmap is simply a reflection of this.” ” you don’t need to list specific dates on your roadmap. you can choose which views best support how you want to communicate and rally your organization around your product vision.

this roadmap is only for your product and development team’s eyes. a features timeline roadmap is an output-driven roadmap that allows you to set the time frame for an individual feature. objectives timeline roadmaps are great to communicate your product strategy and goals across teams for the next 2-3 quarters. using a release timeline roadmap allows you to plan and communicate when you’ll work on releases in the near future with clear timeframes to cross-functional teams, like sales and customer success. creating a great product without a roadmap is like going on a road trip without a map: if you’re lucky, you might eventually get to your destination, but you’ll likely end up in some run-down motel.

three example roadmaps for product managers. a product roadmap is a high-level summary that maps out your use delivery-focused roadmaps, such as kanban, sprint plan, or features timeline roadmap with granular timelines for development teams that want to know the details. communicate objectives, status/stage of development, areas of your product, and account for other work they need to support. today, many product teams use purpose-built roadmapping software to visualize their plans. this video shows how, .

perfect your roadmapping skills by learning from the examples below! the principles of creating a to understand all the peculiarities of roadmapping, we’ll first give you a quick outline of the one who product roadmap templates that fit product teams of all shapes and sizes. product , portfolio, development, product,

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