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during the interview, i gave one perspective on how to shift from promoting a product to marketing the education of your audience. try this: pretend you are a potential customer looking for answers to solutions that your product addresses. people make the purchase and don’t have a need to revisit your website. the result is that they have a desire to continually return to the site – and darren has multiple ways to monetize his audience.

would you want to get a product pitch or do you want to be educated to be better informed or become more knowledgeable about the topic or challenge? there comes a point in the sales cycle where people truly want to understand your features and benefits – and how they stack up against your competition. michele linn is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of mantis research, a consultancy focused on helping brands create and amplify original research they can use in their marketing. copyright © 2020 informa plc informa uk limited is a company registered in england and wales with company number 1072954 whose registered office is 5 howick place, london, sw1p 1wg.

and then it happens: paragraph three sheds the thin veil that was used to hide a company’s sales pitch. this is the process of creating and distributing content that ultimately has high value to your prospects and little to nothing to do with your product. the best of content marketing often uses proprietary data or analysis that is exclusive to your company — this could be anything from website traffic figures or an analysis of 10 million sales calls. this is the content and process involved in taking your product to market.

this type of content is often used on a company website’s “about us” section, and expanded versions of it may be used to raise money or nominate a company for industry awards, and they may even be used for the common company boilerplate. to make the most of your marketing resources, a good approach is to use content marketing that provides value to a broad audience within your target market. once your prospects consume your content marketing and give you permission to continue communicating with them based on the value you’ve already provided (for example, by subscribing to your email list or following your social media page), it is up to you to take your prospects on a journey from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel. if you’re at an early stage of your marketing team or you’re even a one-person team, one useful way of getting this right is clearly defining the type of marketing material you’re sitting down to write and how it will be used. figuring out your content marketing versus product marketing, and getting both of them right, is a crucial stepping stone on your way to success.

while content marketing focuses on truly educating your customers, there is a ( small) place for a good rule of thumb is that content marketing is usually most useful for top-of-the -funnel marketing the common denominator of both terms is “marketing,” and together, content marketing and product, . product marketing uses a lot of paid and direct advertising, along with content that is designed to close a sale (think sales sheets and product pages). content marketing has an additional layer, relying a lot on \’inbound marketing,\’ which involves drawing the audience in to your brand with genuinely helpful content. product marketing is more sales-focused while content marketing is more brand-focused. content marketing focus on a bigger mix of channels and strategies for the long term, rather than quick wins. it aims at providing customers a better experience all through their journey.

product marketing is integral to a successful content marketing strategy. here are the three keys to creating the content to get content marketing done, it’s obviously essential product marketing gets included in an overall information so i’ve pulled together my best tips for creating a content marketing strategy specifically for product-based business,

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