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we’re also discovering how powerful it is when a roadmap is so clearly designed that teams put it at the center of product decisions, and companies put it at the center of their business decisions. the litmus test for a good product roadmap is that it’s visual, accessible and clear enough for anyone to scan for answers to the following questions: we need to let go of the idea that we can enumerate a list of features that represents what we’ll do in the future. developing initiatives for your roadmap enables you to define priorities in terms of problem areas. this enables you to communicate with your company that you’re aware of the problem and that you’re thinking about it, but you don’t have to provide anyone with the exact solution at this stage.

as you build your roadmap, you can color code and tag them to allow the viewer to sort through and filter down based on a particular interest. and for developers to use as a guide to keep themselves on track.” i’m interested to know what product you use in place of jira? our customers love that our theme-based roadmap allows them to focus on forming the bigger picture: collecting ideas, customer feedback and setting priorities for their product vision. it’s obviously not happened in every company yet, but for more and more of them, this approach is starting to make more sense than a gantt chart or long-term dated timeline. a theme relates to a customer need, a real, discovered need that you have […]

as a new decade starts, i want to reflect on the advent and growth of something truly important in our industry: the lean roadmap for product managers. we all know that work expands to fill the time given to it. we relished the chance to chat and share some stories of our experiences. he was just formulating the idea of producttank at that time, and we went on to co-found mind the product together. when we got to the bottom of it, it became clear that no one was delivering on the roadmap. a roadmap isn’t a list of features and bugs and work in progress down to the day and week and month.

simon and i both liked the freedom that this format gave, while still delivering on all the points that a roadmap needed to have, to still ‘be’ a roadmap. what we discovered in our next rounds of feedback was that the format allowed product people to communicate the bigger picture. by subverting the format and terminology we changed the way that roadmapping was done. we set out to figure out what we needed, as the functionality of the roadmap was severely lacking. internally, we were calling it the ‘time horizon roadmap’, and in conversations with potential customers we would talk about our ‘dateless roadmap’, but none of these ever had a ring to them. i can’t wait to see what we learn in the next decade!

our public product roadmap helps us communicate our priorities as a business and where we’re taking prodpad up until recently, no one really knew what product roadmaps were supposed to look like, but we create and publish lean product roadmaps in minutes. product roadmap tool with powerful drag & drop visual editor., .

unlock the power of a lean product roadmap. learn best practices, navigate navigate common pitfalls, and create a product roadmap is a visual document that communicates the steps you plan to take to meet your product vision back to roadmap tips section the litmus test for a good product roadmap is that it’s visual, accessible,

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