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“, “width”: “800” } 4 customer perceptions of valuea price understanding how much value consumers place on the benefits they receive from the product and setting a price that captures that value { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/4/customer+perceptions+of+value.jpg”, “name”: “customer perceptions of value”, “description”: “a price. product quality and image must support the price buyers must want the product at the price costs of producing the product in small volume should not cancel the advantage of higher prices competitors should not be able to enter the market easily { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/8/new-product+pricing+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “new-product pricing strategies”, “description”: “market-skimming pricing is a strategy for setting a high price for a new product to skim maximum revenues layer by layer from the segments willing to pay the high price, the company make fewer but more profitable sales. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/10/new-product+pricing+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “new-product pricing strategies”, “description”: “market-penetration pricing sets a low initial price in order to penetrate the market quickly and deeply to attract a large number of buyers quickly to gain market share. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/13/product+mix+pricing+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “product mix pricing strategies”, “description”: “product line pricing takes into account the cost differences between products in the line, customer evaluation of their features, and competitors’ prices * for example channel offers 20 different collections of bags of all shapes and sizes at price that range from under $50 to more than $1,250. “, “width”: “800” } 17 price mix pricing strategiesby-product pricing refers to products with little or no value produced as a result of the main product. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/17/price+mix+pricing+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “price mix pricing strategies”, “description”: “by-product pricing refers to products with little or no value produced as a result of the main product. cash discount: a deduction granted to buyers for paying their bills within a specified period of time, (after first deducting trade and quantity discounts from the base price) { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/21/price-adjustment+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “price-adjustment strategies”, “description”: “price discounts and allowances. product from pricing: different versions of the product are priced differently but not according to differences in their costs location pricing: company charges different prices for different locations time pricing : a firm varies it prices by the season , the month , the day and even the hour { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/24/segmented+pricing.jpg”, “name”: “segmented pricing”, “description”: “customer segment pricing: different customers pay different prices for the same product or service .

it might be interesting to collect the prices of items sold near or on campus including coffee, pizza, and sandwiches. psychological pricing occurs when sellers consider the psychology of prices and not simply the economics the price is used to say something about the product reference prices are prices that buyers carry in their minds and refer to when looking at a given product. “, “width”: “800” } 28 price-adjustment strategiespromotional pricing loss-leader pricing: supermarkets and department stores often drop the price on well known brands to stimulate additional store traffic special-event pricing: sellers well establish special pricing in certain seasons to draw in more customers cash rebates: companies offer cash rebates to encourage purchase of the manufacturers products within a specified time period low-interest financing: the company can offer customers low-interest financing { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/28/price-adjustment+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “price-adjustment strategies”, “description”: “promotional pricing. “, “width”: “800” } 33 price adjustment strategiespricing strategies zone pricing means that the company sets up two or more zones where customers within a given zone pay a single total price basing-point pricing means that a seller selects a given city as a “basing point” and charges all customers the freight cost associated from that city to the customer location, regardless of the city from which the goods are actually shipped { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/33/price+adjustment+strategies.jpg”, “name”: “price adjustment strategies”, “description”: “pricing strategies. “, “width”: “800” } 38 initiating pricing changesprice changes initiating pricing changes price cuts ( to boost sales and shares) price increases { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/38/initiating+pricing+changes.jpg”, “name”: “initiating pricing changes”, “description”: “price changes. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/40/buyer+reactions+to+pricing+changes.jpg”, “name”: “buyer reactions to pricing changes”, “description”: “price changes. “, “width”: “800” } 45 public policy and pricingpricing across channel levels robinson-patman act prevents unfair price discrimination by ensuring that the seller offer the same price terms to customers at a given level of trade { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/45/public+policy+and+pricing.jpg”, “name”: “public policy and pricing”, “description”: “pricing across channel levels. “, “width”: “800” } 46 public policy and pricingpricing across channel levels robinson-patman act price discrimination is allowed: if the seller can prove that costs differ when selling to different retailers if the seller manufactures different qualities of the same product for different retailers { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/4114088/13/images/46/public+policy+and+pricing.jpg”, “name”: “public policy and pricing”, “description”: “pricing across channel levels. learning goals describe the major strategies for pricing imitative and new products understand how companies find a set of prices that maximize the profits.

price adjustment strategiescompanies usually adjust their basic prices toaccount for various customer price-adjustment strategies by anson thomas jogan m philip. pricing strategies chapter 12. 12 – 1 definitions • market-skimming pricing  setting a high price for a new, .

new-product pricing strategies; product mix pricing strategies; price adjustment strategies; price changes. topics to cover price adjustment strategies price changes public policy and pricing. companies must adjust their basic prices to account for differences in customers and situations. 7 price adjustment,

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