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sostac is a strategic marketing planning model that looks at six stages of the marketing plan: situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, actions and control. the first stage of the marketing planning process is a review of the current situation, and from a marketing perspective, an examination of the current (or previous) marketing plan and activities.

a hugely important process of the marketing plan that takes into account the two previous sections as it dictates how the organisation is going to shift its position. be ready to spend time scribbling on whiteboards… a marketing plan was always going to feature a section which would determine and state the details of the plan, specifically what exactly are marketing team members doing with their working hours and when? the above template is based on the sostac marketing model developed by marketing strategist pr smith and is considered one of the best models to follow for marketing planning in a number of situations.

in the most basic language, a pharmaceutical marketing strategy looks at the objective of a marketing team or organisation and defines how to get there. a search marketing (seo) strategy looks to increase visibility on search engines to increase the number of visitors arriving at a website and its web pages. this is the case as an affiliate program’s sole purpose is to sell products with minimal marketing spend waste as affiliates are paid on a per-sale basis.

a holistic view on the segmentation process, for example, could enable an otc and nutraceutical marketing organisation to develop insights and perspectives that are essential for developing a winning strategy in the otc and nutraceutical market. brand management begins with an analysis of how a brand is currently perceived in the market and then proceeds to plan how the brand should be perceived if it is to achieve its objectives. to enter new markets, content marketing (or inbound marketing) can help with the positioning of a new product, generate awareness and generate new leads. this strategy involves a marketing focus of generating new business leads and customers, often in the form of inbound sales-related enquiries.

the pharmaceutical marketing plan process using the sostac framework. sostac is a strategic how to make pharmaceutical brand plan. a step by step guide for creating an effective marketing how to sell your pharma marketing strategy to management 1. prime your market 2. learn from, . determine your target audience establishing a target audience is the first step in the creation of a successful marketing plan. good target marketing is crucial for reaching healthcare professionals. the more you know about your target audience, the easier it is to connect and communicate with them.

this is a complete marketing plan example for a pharmaceutical business, including marketing vision and strategy,,

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