olay marketing strategy

marketing mix of olay analyses the brand/company which covers 4ps (product, price, place, promotion) and explains the olay marketing strategy. olay is a global brand providing the beauty products. olay has a wide variety of products in its marketing mix. olay had come up with the anti-ageing products to target a new segment in the market. olay have been successful in maintaining the image and the price because off the quality of the product. they have been successful in increasing fairness and reducing the dark spots. olay started in south africa and now the brand has spread worldwide and widely accepted. olay is spread in counties like netherlands, belgium, germany, usa, spain, france, italy, uk, ireland etc.

olay followed a unique kind of promotion strategy. olay carries out extensive tv advertisements to reach the customer. in india, olay has actress like katrina kaif, kajol, madhuri dixit etc. magazines, newspapers and hoardings all are used for the promotion activities. olay is one of the most selling brand of procter & gamble. since then olay have always come up with unique kind of taglines to appeal the youth. olay have been successful in coming up with new products to meet the market demands. browse 4ps analysis of more brands and companies similar to olay marketing mix.

oil of olay is currently referred to as olay and is of american origins. currently, it is a subsidiary of its parent company procter & gamble that manufactures and markets it under brand name olay. some of its competitors are as follows- olay was introduced as a pink fluid packaged in a heavy glass bottle. it was introduced as oil of ulay in ireland and the united kingdom, oil of olaz in germany, netherlands, italy and france and oil of ulan in australia. a test market was opened by the company in chicago in the united states. olay utilises the strong distribution network of procter & gamble and includes services of producing agents, distributors and retailers to reach consumers through an efficient logistic company dhl carrier. olay is a multi-billion dollar company and at the end of the fiscal year 2009 its personal revenues were estimated at 2.8 billion dollars compared to total revenues of its owner at 79 billion dollars.

olay has been projected as a premium brand in the consumer market and hence has adopted a premium pricing policy. olay started its marketing policy by projecting its product as unique with special properties. it was advertised by the help of print media with slogans like share the secret of a younger looking you. with time olay started using several other advertising mediums to garner positive brand visibility. olay realises the powerful impact of star power and has roped in famous personalities for celebrity endorsements. in global market actor katie holmes is its brand ambassador and in india, actor madhuri dixit for olay regenerist, karisma kapoor for olay total effects and kajol and katrina kaif for oil of olay. i am a serial entrepreneur & i created marketing91 because i wanted my readers to stay ahead in this hectic business world.

the promotional and advertising strategy in the olay marketing strategy is as follows: olay followed a unique kind of promotion strategy. olay’s products never depicted what the products did but instead carried taglines attracting the youth like “discover the youth in you” etc. a pricing strategy to a very large extent depends on the perceived value of the product. olay has been for the past four years olay has been integrating artificial intelligence and consumer research to better, olay positioning strategy, olay positioning strategy, olay marketing strategy in india, olay demographics, olay competitors.

marketing analysis of the product olay marketing essay terms of influencing sales, they then focussed on “effectiveness” and have come up with a strategy as ., does online advertising affect sales? with a global audience in more than 45 countries, beauty and skincare brand olay is one of procter & gamble’s biggest olay is also changing up its marketing strategy. the company is working with retailers to rearrange, olay target audience, olay target group, olay value proposition, olay advertisement analysis

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