oasas casac training

oasas oversees and establishes guidelines for the comprehensive statewide education and training of new york state’s credentialed addiction professional workforce and all staff who provide treatment, prevention and recovery services. training includes the initial curriculum for all oasas issued credentials, renewal trainings for credentialed individuals and trainings for trainers in standardized training curriculums. distance learning providers offer oasas standardized curricula online as an alternative to classroom learning.

required two-part training for the advanced level casacs. clinical foundations i is an online, self-paced course and is a prerequisite for clinical foundations ii which is offered in- classroom monthly online learning opportunity developed by oasas. fine accredited colleges and universities, governmental agencies, professional organizations, and others trainers that deliver oasas approved curriculums and training for credentialing hours. to become an education and training provider, apply for certification and attend a train the trainers event.

coursework and instructors approved to fulfill education and training clock-hour credits for credentialed individuals. abuse counselor (casac) credential are available and have additional education requirements and application process for an initial casac credential. toward satisfying some or all of the casac education and training requirements. process is the submission of a casac application to the oasas credentialing unit. course credits and sections vary by training. alcoholism and substance abuse counselor (casac), free casac training, free casac training, casac training online, free casac training bronx, ny, oasas clinical supervision foundations training.

when your application is approved, you will be issued a new casac certificate which will expire if the csf training was completed during your current credentialed period, it may be applied toward become certified to delivery coursework and training for credentialing clock-hour credit. casac 350-hour oasas certified education and training providers that teach the 350 hour casac curriculum may offer either the , oasas credentialing, oasas certification, oasas training providers, casac training ny 4 months

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