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A name tag is one of the most effective ways to get a group of individuals acquainted with each other. You can design a name tag in the simplest form but will still serve its purpose extremely well. With all the apps available these days, you can make name tag templates easily. But don’t confine yourself to just the name. Designing the name tag is simple and fun. The name tag or badge is the most effective way of identification. For first-timers in the office, a name tag will give you the chance to get acquainted with people in your group. This is important when you talk about your company and the services it can provide. But you can design the name tag by adding more features. This will definitely improve the name tag’s appearance.

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Classic name tags have a basic design and are of the simplest forms. Remember it will take a good amount of time to make the customized template. If you don’t have the equipment to make these name tags, you need to order them. Furthermore, they give the work atmosphere a sense of formality and professionalism. Just inquire about the person you want and the other employees can direct you to that person’s area. You may arouse client’s interests through the name tags. A name tag on the onset will make it easier to develop a relationship. Addressing co-employees by name will lead to congenial relationships. But a name tag will easily solve this monitoring. But some of them back out because they don’t know people in the company.

The name tag certainly will make your company seem more transparent and friendlier. The customer can take note of the name tag and give good praises and reviews to the deserving ones. Making and designing your own name tag templates don’t have to be a tedious task, it could also be fun. You can use a pre-designed template to speedily create your name tag list for a meeting or an event. Some types of paper even come in perforated sheets and that eliminates the need for scissors. You can place a photo of the one handling the event for their easier identification. Make the theme of your template relevant to the event you’re holding. One way to inform all attendees is to include your company’s logo in the name tag. Make your name tag template more eye-catching instead of boring. You also have the option to choose the colors of your fonts.

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Save the name tag using a file type that would ensure crisp and clear printouts.

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Most of you might know name badges like the below from working at – or visiting companies: But which name badges are really needed for your use-case? So if you are just starting to look for Name Badge Templates  – here is an overview: There are different type of name badges: Employee ID Name Badges including Access BadgesVisitor Badges including iPad based visitor systemsEvent Name Badges in the form of paper badges Below are templates for all these categories. That’s why we assembled a list of name badge templates for your use: There are really different variants of employee badges because of its different functions: Mostly ID badges might have the name, your profile picture and some sort of color code to enable the security guard to see which access level you are authorized for. This would mean the setup includes a visitor management system that is authorizing and working on the backend.

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It looks like this: These have the added functionality to unlock the doors and are sometimes worn visibly to function as ID badge as well. Depending on the quality of cards they typically are one of three formats: Proximity cards (often called âprox card”) are the cheapest and most basic cards. Read more here.RFID cards that include some sort of security – a more advanced security tutorial here and here.NFC based smartcards, e.g. The issue with this approach of course is that you still need the workflow of registering the visitor to know who entered your facility, for example for access control compliance reasons.

Most companies use an ID label printer and take a quick image of you to print a visitor ID tag for you to wear visibly while walking to your meeting in the space. Recently, iPad-based visitor management systems like Envoy became popular and you take the profile image directly on the iPad and register via the iPad. Here is how this looks in practice: The third category of employee ID name badge templates: These badges are really the simplest form of what you would buy at Staples and you might have seen these event badges at meet-ups. Badges can be produced in different ways: Printing with a regular office printer in paperformat – It’s best to order templates that you can just print out with your office printer and create the employee badges from here: name badge stickers with a thermal ID badge printer from companies like Dymo Or using a HID Fargo Printer to customize ID cards and name badges: After printing out a name visitor badge you want to give the visitor an option on how to mount this visibly.

Here is a quick overview: Name badge holders are on the more expensive side equipped with magnets like the one from Uline.