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thisis a brand new division and we’re going to get you way ahead of the curve by presenting a complete program to achieve the “classic physique”. the first phase is designed to help you gain as much muscle as you can while increasing your muscularity. beef; 1-2 cup vegetables muscle synergy – if you want to continue to add muscle, get a great pump every workout, and can afford it – then muscle synergy is for you. note: as before, if you weigh 165 or less, reduce the meat portions by 1 or 2 ounces in each of the listed meals. kick in the phase 3 plan at 4 to 6 weeks out and only if your progress has stalled. they are based on decades of training experience to give you the ultimate solution to a well-balanced “classic physique”. once you reach 6 reps add weight to the final 3 sets (which will earn a star on each of these sets next time) and start back at 4 reps on set #5. exercises using the pyramid system are marked with *.

note: the original standard for a classic physique was that your calves and arms should measure the same. don’t forget to record your workout and any stars that you earned in your journal. as your diet becomes stricter during phase 2, it will become harder and harder to increase reps or poundage, so reducing the time between sets becomes more and more important. experiment until you find the exact variation of a pose that best highlights your symmetry, proportion, and muscularity. this is your opportunity to show the judges only what you want them to see. practice hitting the poses with your eyes closed and then opening them to see if you are hitting each pose correctly. a good goal is to aspire to reach 90% of the maximum. if you follow it to the letter – nutrition, supplements, training, and posing practice – whether you compete or not, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

(see phase 1 training) the recommended high protein foods and quality supplements will allow you to continue 5 sets in the gym, plus cardio. once you’re 25 weeks out, start doing 5 sets of each exercise in for athletes: eat no more than 4 meals, and 1-2 snacks (post-workout) depending on training schedule. “our , men s physique diet plan pdf, men s physique diet plan pdf, men’s physique diet 12 weeks out, men’s physique training, female physique competition diet plan.

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