marketing strategy of santoor soap

santoor is a flagship brand of wipro consumer care and is one of the best natural soap brands in the country. the brand has derived its name by combining turmeric plus sandal and is in no way related to the stringed instrument. the journey of santoor started in the year 1986 by wipro with the launch of the santoor talcum powder. the wipro consumer care limited a subsidiary of wipro was launched in 2004 and all its consumer and toilet products were shifted to this company. a decisive and focused marketing strategy has helped santoor to become a leading brand in the market today with a hefty share of profits.

santoor is one of the premier brands in india and they offer a wide range of products. the prices of santoor products are standard and in some cases even lower than the prevailing rates for soaps in the market. santoor enjoys a loyal customer base in the southern part of the country. santoor is present in almost all parts of the country and has a huge dealer network. all the campaigns of santoor are targeted for the archetypal indian women and praising her beauty. santoor is a flagship brand of wipro consumer care and is one of the best natural soap brands in the country.

in the late 80s, santoor advertising journey focused on the efficiency of its two product components – sandal and turmeric, conveying their skin benefits to ladies to establish the brand salience. in 1995, wipro decided to relaunch santoor with a distinct brand identity and new packaging to suit the demands of changing consumers. while the brand positioning and target audience remained constant, santoor has time and again reinvented itself to suit the changing consumer demands and evolve as a category. 2011 onwards, a range of celebs like saif ali khan, r madhavan were roped in to admire the beauty of santoor women.

in a world full of transformations and new age formulas, the storyline for santoor remained constant over three and a half decades. the tvc featured a young tour guide and carried no reference of a mother. last day to participate in the #momstories contest! #santoorcares santoor advertising journey can be seen as a case study of a brand that evolved with its consumers & social-economic climate of the country.

in order to stand up against the intensive competition in the soap industry, santoor has come up it’s noted that the key insight behind santoor soap’s marketing strategy is that women want to feel and santoor is the second largest soap brand in the popular segment in india. this rs 500 crore brand, .

santoor’s strategy at growing its market share is working. it became the 2 biggest soap brand by aapke chehre se aapke umr ka pata nahi chalta. in the next two decades santoor became the third largest selling popular soap in india and the most,

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