marketing plan of lux soap

marketing mix of lux analyses the brand/company which covers 4ps (product, price, place, promotion) and explains the lux marketing strategy. lux is one of the leading global personal care and skincare brand. lux appeals to the younger set of people and primarily dominant in the semi urban areas. lux focuses on being a cost leader and has adopted a competitive pricing mechanism in its marketing mix so as to compete with other players and survive in the market. thus the pricing strategy of lux soaps and gels has enabled the brand to retain its position as a market leader. lux follows the traditional mechanism of distribution channel with distributor who provides to the wholesaler who in turn supplies to the retailer.

these suppliers provide lux products to retailers all over the country. with the increasing penetration of ecommerce, lux products are widely available online. lux is involved in huge marketing be it through televisions, radio or print media. all in all, one of the biggest strengths of lux is the marketing it does for its products. a brand launched by unilever, lux is a global brand which has established itself as one of the popular brands in the category of toiletries. lux is brand which has primarily focused and connected with women across 100 countries around the globe. browse 4ps analysis of more brands and companies similar to lux marketing mix.

lox already has a strong position in the soap market. as u. k. has a rainy and cloudy weather the name sunlight was unique concept for them so lever increased his production of soap and became household name throughout europe. vision our purpose in milliner is to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere – to anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products and services, which raise the quality of life. the lox team has kept it tradition alive all these years, and hence, the image of lox is attributed to glamour and style. lox is the market leader due to the continuous innovations and changes to its product.

its advertising is very weak as compared to lox and therefore it has not been able to get to the top. lever brothers has a large number of quality products and lox is surely among the best. lox has stuck on the same price since a long time and therefore has been attractive to users. first movers advantage lox sunscreen also has the first mover advantage since it s the first brand to come up with the idea of incorporating sunscreen in a soap. most of the people in the middle and esp… lower middle concept are unaware of the concept of sunscreen and how is it going to affect them. the main objective of this project is to achieve a thorough understanding of the various concepts of marketing which we have been familiarised with, through the curriculum.

 product: lux is an internationally renowned beauty soap brand of unilever. though manufactured in bangladesh below is the pricing strategy in lux marketing strategy: lux is a product which speaks to the middle class and lox was the first to use this strategy of introducing film actresses in its ads that attracts its target market, lux soap marketing project, lux soap marketing project, target market of lux soap, promotion of lux soap, marketing plan of lux soap in bangladesh.

sunscreen also has the advantage of convenience since a large segment of its target market would like to and needs to in fact, lux has been making waves since 1924, when it launched the world’s first mass-market beauty soap at a fraction of famous beauty soap, lux, in bangladesh. the positive and negative aspects of those strategies. the, assignment on lux soap, demand of lux soap, lux marketing, lux sri lanka marketing assignment

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