marketing a saas product

saas marketing is not for the faint of heart. giving away a free product or service is one of the most standard and widely-accepted saas marketing strategies. free is the oil of the saas marketing engine. the process of buying saas is quick, transactional, and done. do you realize that much of that information comes either from people who sell saas or from a saas provider?

most saas is designed for the purpose of providing information. christopher janz makes the point in his article — learning more about your customer retention percentages and lifetime value is critical to saas marketing success. yes, you can and should keep them in mind for whatever reason, but they are not the focus nor the sum of saas marketing. just as software is evolving, so is the marketing process for saas. as it turns out, saas marketing does have a few things in common with other types of marketing, but nowhere else will you find the integration as tight and symbiotic as in saas marketing.

), so we’ve focused on 7 areas you may not have thought of in detail, to help you grow your saas businesses. it will also enable you to define the technology buying lifecycle for your prospects, and map marketing activity against key moments. the website is the heart of any saas businesses marketing strategy and the shop window to your company. don’t confuse people; guide them through your website, and remember they are on a journey that will continue face-to-face, so you don’t need to tell them everything online once your website layout is optimised, your next challenge is to perfect the powers of persuasion around your product’s capabilities.

you must bring your marketing messages back to earth and remember to focus on the customer benefits. it’s highly likely that they are also regular visitors to competitor sites, so you need to keep your site moving forward – evaluating and updating as necessary – in terms of content, look and feel. at this stage, your role is to inform and impress prospective customers, and there are a number of content marketing techniques you can use to achieve this – including: experiment with different content formats until you can find the right piece of collateral for each stage of the journey, to help you optimise conversions. rock on, xander marketing!” we are the outsourced marketing partner of choice for saas businesses that need more customers, leads, website traffic and to build their brands. we’d love to discuss how we could help your saas business grow.

but that’s exactly what saas marketing should do. giving away a free product or service is one of the most standard and 7 smart ideas to market your saas business. build a marketing strategy specifically for your saas solution. constantly optimise your website conversion rate. showcase your expertise and become a thought leader. don’t worry about the cloud, focus on the benefits. nurture your prospects. market to your existing customers. these 7 saas marketing strategies will help you attract your core audience, increase engagement, and when companies test-drive your software, the product value speaks for itself., .

saas marketing strategies. content marketing. businesses around the globe are using content marketing to build their brand, attract visitors to their website, and generate leads. product trials. search engine optimization (seo) referral marketing. google adwords. co-marketing. retargeting. 7 saas kpis you need to track organic social media go back-and-forth directly with customers curate product feedback and ideas utilize product marketing for your app; choose the right model for your business; get started with marketing strategy; build,

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