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templates will show you what’s possible and give you the means to make your dreams of building a powerful, data-driven roadmap a lucidchart reality. if you are starting from a template, the next step to building your product roadmap is to customize the data in the template that you have chosen or replace the dataset with one of your own. if your diagram is connected to a google sheet, the data in your product roadmap will automatically update when you make changes to your spreadsheet. now that your roadmap is connected to a spreadsheet, you can set rules that will read your data and trigger visual indicators of the product development stage and project status.

the tutorial below will show you how to use conditional formatting. click the example below to get started. by making your roadmap a “single source of truth,” product managers and stakeholders are able to find everything they need and ensure that it is up to date, all in one place. congratulations on taking your product roadmap to the next level. with this intuitive, cloud-based solution, anyone can learn to work visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, mockups, uml diagrams, and more.

a thorough agile product roadmap helps you clearly define and communicate your business’s long-term product strategy and short-term plans for execution. with our product roadmapping software, product managers, executives, and other stakeholders can create this high-level overview to align the entire organization. our product timeline templates are the ultimate roadmapping resource, letting you create a high-level overview of your product strategy in a matter of minutes. make your visual roadmap an easy-to-read single source of truth with our advanced features. want to build your product roadmap faster and ensure its accuracy? once your dev teams start executing the product strategy, apply conditional formatting to help track deadlines and progress. lucidchart makes it easy to keep your executive, product, marketing, and sales teams in the loop and gather any feedback—share directly within our product roadmapping software or create a published url to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date version.

also, thanks to our many integrations, you can add your product roadmap to jira, confluence, slack, g suite, microsoft teams, and other popular apps. choose a product roadmapping template from our gallery or open a blank canvas in our editor to start creating your customized roadmap from scratch. insert your roadmap into ms office or g suite document to easily share your work with collaborators and collect meaningful feedback on your roadmap from stakeholders. use our in-editor presentation mode to showcase your roadmap and implement your business strategy. you can link data from any spreadsheet or csv directly to your lucidchart roadmap using our import feature. our conditional formatting features allow you to apply a color scheme to any part of your roadmap to help you visualize different stages or themes. read more about how to use swimlanes and containers below. lucidchart is fully integrated with jira, in addition to other popular applications, so you can embed and share your work with the apps you use every day.

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