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the organization that administers the international board certification exam for lactation consultants is the international board of lactation consultant examiners (iblce). while on the iblce website also pay attention to the resources and ibclc information as well as the iblce candidate information guide. the pathway that you choose to follow will depend upon your previous education and experience. want to hear about a day in the life of a lactation consultant from a practicing lactation consultant? pathway 2 is for those who want to complete a college or university program in lactation management in order to become eligible to sit for the iblce exam.

if you have questions about their requirements you can contact the iblce online or by telephone at 703-560-7330. we are accredited by leaarc and our courses are accepted by the iblce. lactation education resources offers a clinical internship for those who have taken a comprehensive lactation training course and who wish to gain practical experience. if you do not currently have a position that involves contact with mothers and babies, you may need to volunteer at places such as wic, your local health department, pediatrician’s office, etc. the iblce provides a clinical practice worksheet to help you determine how many clinical hours you have generated before applying to take the exam. for more information on clinical hour requirements, please contact the iblce or call them at 703-560-7330. ibclcs can work in a wide range of health care settings such as hospitals, public health clinics, lactation centers, milk banks, medical practices, midwifery practices and/or private lactation consultant practices.

on their website you will find three pathways to choose from, to become a lactation consultant. please visit www.iblce. post-secondary, lactation consultant program, who must provide documentation. tuition is $625 including the cost of the examination. under pathway three, you are responsible for finding an appropriate ibclc mentor or mentors to supervise the clinical portion of your training for 500 total hours. you must conform to iblce’s guidelines, complete an online application, and pay a fee to iblce., lactation consultant certification online, lactation consultant certification online, schools that offer lactation consultant near me, how much does it cost to become a lactation consultant, lactation consultant salary.

certified lactation counselors┬« are professionals in lactation the clc – certified lactation counselor (caahep) approved, post secondary, lactation consultant program. books materials are usually an additional cost. i hope to 1) lactation consultant training program enriched: a 90 hour course ($975) that fulfills the entire iblce required 90 hour lactation education initial certification application fees in order to make its certification financially accessible to all those qualified to , lactation counselor vs consultant, how to become a lactation consultant in texas, rn to lactation consultant, certified lactation counselor jobs

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