l i t ministries

we listen to you, the active leaders who are engaged in the ministries, of the regions, districts, fellowship communities, and congregations among other recognized bodies. we listen with intention,  to hear how and where god is moving in your ministry context. we also listen so that we may be open to receive god’s spirit in response to prayer, dialogue and the expectations of your  ministry context.

these resources may either be the “do-it-yourself” (diy) type such  as especially designed curricula, and targeted resource tools that are facilitated by you, or be a collaboration where you incorporate the gifts of a facilitator, drawing from a member, or members of dhm’s lit “speakers bureau.” we are invested, optimistic, and enthusiastic about the disciples home missions (dhm) leadership initiative. we have convened a network of diverse persons who excel, and have passion within certain areas of leadership. dhm seeks to build relationships among networks through dialogue, as we work toward developing mutual understandings of each member’s passion for ministry. dhm and the leadership initiative team (lit), will work to engage communities collectively, in the service of the church as followers of jesus christ, supporting positive leadership growth within the church and as we share our services in the larger communities… even unto the ends of the earth.

. ministry’s primary focus is to raise a generation of children and preteens who are surrendered to christ, who serve lit ministries. 1 like. to fulfill the great commission by partnering with and empowering christians to develop healthy, . ministries . spiritual gifts. it is evident throughout the new testament that god has , .

the following information will help you better plan for the . mission trips 2015. by following these steps, your church the leadership initiative team (lit) designs ministry from the ground up. we listen to you, the active leaders who are the lit movement is a recovery ministry that funnels the lost and broken into a community that fosters transformation.,

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