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we’re rapidly building new innovative features into next-gen while bringing in many of the familiar features and functionality you’ve come to love in classic. we have added code as a first class citizen within the jira software project navigation and included a net new view to provide you and your team more context about your work. now, in addition to the standard roles you get out-of-the-box (administrator, member, and viewer) you can create roles of your choice. with the addition of roadmap hierarchy, you’ll be able to see all the stories, tasks, and other child issues that roll up to your epics.

additional filters will give you the flexibility to find exactly what you need on the backlog and board, whether that’s based on a custom field, you have created or based on one of the common fields provided during setup. we’re bringing a new way to define, adapt, and adjust how work flows on your board by giving you more control of how your work progresses to match how your team works. the next-gen workflow editor also comes with a major facelift that will make editing and clearly visualizing your workflows easier. we’ve created a new deployments experience to help you, your team and your organisation gain an understanding of the value that you’ve shipped and when.

the filters automatically appear when you add an assignee to an issue, create more than one type of issue, or add a label to an issue on your roadmap. the text field is always available, and all filters apply to epics and child issues. views settings:â a collection of settings that allow you to adjust your personal view of the roadmap. the roadmap has built-in filters to help with issue management and make things run faster. this makes sure the roadmap always refers to a consistent field and doesn’t get muddled by different workflows. to include dependencies and progress on your roadmap, tick the relevant checkbox.

as you start typing in the text field, the filter narrows down your roadmap as it matches the text to the summary field on an issue. the filter applies to the epic and its child issues. for example, the roadmap won’t be able to display issues with the done status category, if your view settings are set to display incomplete epics. if your project doesn’t have an epic issue type, the roadmap won’t display. to fix this, you can navigate to theâ roadmap to either create a new epic issueâ type,â or select an existing issue type and designate it as the epic issue type. our team will help fix the issue so you can continue using your roadmap.

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