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the jira roadmap macro enables you to take your jira software roadmap (available in jira software’s next-gen template) and embed a live version right into confluence. one of the things we aim to help teams create with jira software is a single source of truth for all the work teams are doing. we will not be on the cloud solution so this is very detrimental to our efforts in getting wide spread use and acceptance of jira and confluence if this is not available in the server solutions also.

what we would really like is a formal commitment from atlassian to make the roadmap feature available on the server platform in the foreseeable future also. yes this is supporting the roadmap feature in jira cloud’s next-gen project type and we don’t yet have a roadmapping solution in classic project types.if you are looking for a roadmapping solution in server and you have a number of teams it might be worth taking a look at portfolio server 3.0 it is a roadmapping tool that lets you build a view across all of your teams. are there any plans for support of migrating a project to next-gen that can preserve the issue links ?

the roadmap is where you can create, manage and visualize your team’sâ epics. the filters automatically appear when you add an assignee to an issue, create more than one type of issue, or add a label to an issue on your roadmap. views settings:â a collection of settings that allow you to adjust your personal view of the roadmap. the roadmap has built-in filters to help with issue management and make things run faster. this makes sure the roadmap always refers to a consistent field and doesn’t get muddled by different workflows. to include dependencies and progress on your roadmap, tick the relevant checkbox.

as you start typing in the text field, the filter narrows down your roadmap as it matches the text to the summary field on an issue. the filter applies to the epic and its child issues. for example, the roadmap won’t be able to display issues with the done status category, if your view settings are set to display incomplete epics. if your project doesn’t have an epic issue type, the roadmap won’t display. to fix this, you can navigate to theâ roadmap to either create a new epic issueâ type,â or select an existing issue type and designate it as the epic issue type. our team will help fix the issue so you can continue using your roadmap.

the jira roadmap macro enables you to take your jira software roadmap ( available in jira live roadmap: build your roadmap and keep it alive connecting it to your jira; productplan for add your roadmap to a confluence cloud page go to your next-gen jira software project and, .

you can add your team’s roadmap to a confluence cloud page using the jira roadmap macro. from okrs and jira links to instructions about where to file bugs, think of this as your chance to get the need-to- hook the roadmap to your jira data build great roadmaps in confluence to create your project portfolio and keep,

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