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after finishing my article, i am sure you will have a much better idea of which one of these two top certifications is the better choice for you! i put the issa trainer certification in the general category as it covers a wide variety of topics. to me, the issa certification is recognized as a better international certification. here is a snapshot for the last 12 months of google trends popularity test between the issa certification and the ace certification. if you are the type of person that likes to highlight stuff or have a hard copy of the textbook, this is the package for you. the issa personal trainer certifications test is online and you can do it in the comfort of your home. after you purchase the package of your choice, you will have six months to sign up for a test date and take the test. for those of you who would like to see this comparison in video format, here is the video i made a few years ago.

i hope my look at  issa vs ace helps clear things up for you so that you can choose the certification that is appropriate for you. i just checked for you and there are five locations in brazil that you can go to in order to take the computerized ace exam. i want to know how what is the duration of the ace course. another great option is the nasm certification if you are trying to focus on minimizing injuries. depending on where you live and what gym owners you are talking to really depends on which personal training certification is valued the most. i am a self taught trainer and already have a great clientele but for some professional reasons, i am planning to take the issa or the ace. from the article i read, i understand that i have to be cpr certified… i am not currently certified in that, is this the first step i should take? that is the route that i recommend you take.

learn how to get a new career in fitness or nutrition, and how to become a personal trainer or sports nutritionist online. issa stands for international sports sciences association. issa trainer certification covers a wide variety of topics within email. password. learn more about issa certification courses., issa certification review, issa certification review, issa certification cost, ace certification, issa vs nasm.

an issa certified personal trainer is a person who has taken and passed the personal training certification course the issa offers a general fitness certification course for personal training and ten specialized fitness certification the international sports sciences association (issa) is a respected organization that provides certifications for fitness , nasm certification, who accepts issa certification, what gyms accept issa certification, issa login

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