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knowing how and when to define a roadmap, who to include and how long to plan for are key elements to finding the balanced approach that you need. so when it was first you and the three other founders sitting on a desk, i would love to hear a little bit about how you decided what to build. and i think that when you joined, we had just raised a series a, and the idea of the future being so uncertain was de-risked a little bit. and that was probably one of the things you invested your time in earliest. and even six months, for intercom, was a long period of time to look into the future. and i think that mattered because it let everyone buy into the idea that we need structure, we need a roadmap, we need to be moving fast. diversity of thought is generally beneficial to the company, but the company still has a mission, a vision, and a plan then to keep everyone aligned, keep them together, and so on.

what was really important for us, and i think we learned this the hard way, was that you need to build a really strong partnership between these functions, because they all represent an important voice. and we might have different people listening where the company was founded by salespeople or marketing folks, and they might have a different kind of gravity and influence… “the partnership thing is something that i encourage people to embrace as early as possible. des: why is it so hard, or why is there so much anxiety about bringing a roadmap out to customers and saying, “here is what we are going to build in the future”? and in the case of that example, two years later, the feature was finally released. the risk is that you guarantee a minimal standard at the cost of a higher standard, and it’s a dangerous place to be for any company, frankly. and that was the thing that triggered it for me, seeing that i don’t have a clue how half of our platform integrations work. there is a lot to it – it is the fundamental art form of a pm.

if finding the most impactful items to work on, and getting the team to agree on those things is what’s most important, it follows that the responsibility for building a roadmap lies not on the product manager alone, but on the wider product team too. they are often the main cause of wasteful discussions, friction in product team dynamics and general demotivation in the team. as we discussed earlier, one of the primary responsibilities of a product manager is to gather insights that will act as inputs to the roadmap.

the team has sat in customer interviews, you have had multiple product workshops and they are up to date with what is going on in other product teams. of course, you may find that the roadmap your team comes up with and the roadmap you had in mind are not the same. these conversations are critical to the performance of the product and the team. however, if your company is filled with passionate and intelligent staff, a strict hierarchy where they have no say in the direction of the product they are building simply won’t work.

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