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bart schlatmann: agility is about flexibility and the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt and steer itself in a new direction. the integration of product development and it operations has enabled us to develop innovative new product features and position ourselves as the number-one mobile bank in the netherlands. we started with these teams—comprising previous departments such as marketing, product management, channel management, and it development—because we believed we had to start at the core and that this would set a good example for the rest of the organization. we have spent an enormous amount of energy and leadership time trying to role model the sort of behavior—ownership, empowerment, customer centricity—that is appropriate in an agile culture.

somehow over the years, success in it had become a question of being a good manager and orchestrating others to write code. the second thing is to agree on a way of measuring the impact it has on clients. google and ing show that this has nothing to do with size, or even the state of your technology. we chose each of the 2,500 employees in our organization as it is today—and nearly 40 percent are in a different position to the job they were in previously. you have to organize in such a way that teams are aligned and mindful of the company’s strategic priorities.

we set out a broad over-arching roadmap to transformation in our book, but also emphasise that each organisation needs to find its own path and make smart decisions about the selective application of agile structures, processes and working. in the structures work that i do i focus a lot on the potential for small, multidisciplinary teams to generate a disproportionate degree of change and value. i often use the spotify ‘squads, tribes, chapters’ model as one way of demonstrating a method for scaling agile resourcing. over the past couple of years ing have reinvented their organisation at their group headquarters in the netherlands (comprising 3,500 staff) from the ground up, moving from a traditional organisational model featuring functional departments such as marketing, it, and product management, to a completely agile model that shares much in common with the spotify example.

the squads are small-multidisciplinary teams (no more than nine people) that are co-located and operate with a high degree of autonomy. as the mission evolves, the team and the functions that are represented evolve with it. a tribe lead helps co-ordinate priorities, budgets and is the interface with other tribes to ensure alignment and knowledge sharing. apart from the level of commitment to agile working and resourcing (which i think is exceptional), there is a number of aspects of this (drawing from the mckinsey interview) that i think it’s important to note and which chime well with points that we bring out in the book : the new structure has enabled ing to dramatically improve speed-to-market through more frequent releases, and increase the rate of innovation to help position them as the primary mobile bank in the netherlands. the prize will be an organization ready to face any challenge.’ for more like this, order your copy of building the agile business through digital transformation, or you can join our community to access exclusive content related to the book.

comprising about 350 nine-person “squads” in 13 so-called tribes, the new approach at ing has i often use the spotify ‘squads, tribes, chapters’ model as one way of demonstrating a method for as per the so-called spotify model, ing originally had team-centric product owners on each team., ing organizational structure, ing organizational structure, ing agile video, ing agile bcg, transformation at ing (a): agile pdf.

inspired by the agile methodology, eight principles are at the heart of ing’s way of working: we work bcg’s experts and consulting leaders, equipped with our agile at scale framework, guide agile at scale organise their workforce as by their business models. one common feature of many of today’s internet giants is agile,, ing structure, ing agile failure, spotify agile model, ing devops

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