how to get a job with a felony

never lie to your potential employer, because if they do a background check and you lied you won’t get the job. there are no limitations if you have the entrepreneurial skills to start your own business, freelance, or be a consultant. there is never a wrong time to improve your academic background and skill set. depending on the state and type of crime, you may have the right to get your felony removed from your records in a legal manner. i held onto my last job for nearly a decade, and i’m a hard worker. i am a college graduate and i am looking for employment. i am currently filing to receive a pardon from one state and i have expunged some of my record in another. i recently applied to target for a cashier position.. i have 20 years experience… and i was turned down due to my felony.

i need a job now though and do not know what to do. i w’s convicted of a felony 2 years ago and served my time in arizona. my husband is a felon and can’t seem to get hired anywhere. i have been to so many interviews this past year and had it not been for my felony i would have landed every single position. i have been working for a private family being a nanny and that has come to an end. i am in a hole that i can not get out than god for my husband that takes care of me and the kids but that is just not enough for me. my prayers goes out to you and your family. i would have rather been denied student aid at the time of enrollment than have to pay back a student loan for a degree i can’t use.

if you have been convicted of a felony, finding a job can be a very tiresome and demoralizing process. if you have a felony conviction on your record, getting ahead in life can seem like an impossible task to achieve. the fair chance business pledge can help you get hired. on job applications that asks whether the applicant has been convicted of a felony—and agreed to hold any questions about an applicant’s , how hard is it to get a job with a felony record, government programs that help felons get jobs, jobs you can’t have with a felony, jobs you can get with a criminal record.

felons can and do work in lower level healthcare positions (cna, cma, pca, etc ) as long as they have a getting a government job with a felony; second-chance programs yes, felons can get jobs. if you made a mistake that landed you in jail and you have served your time, you have paid your , felon friendly jobs, felon friendly jobs, jobs for ex cons, companies that hire felons 2019, jobs for felons

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