hospital training for nurses

in the second stage, the findings were employed through ’walker and avants strategy for theory construction so as to design an optimal model for in-service training of nursing staff. training programs are essential for the survival and viability of the organization in the competition arena (3). this study intended to provide a new model of in-service training for the nursing staff. for collecting deeper and better data, the researcher found a part-time job in one of the hospitals. the core concept was derived from the grounded theory and main concern of the participants so as to further expand the model. in this regard, the nurses pursue a type of education that can enhance knowledge and practical skills.

in this model, the human is an entity in search of learning and acquisition through effective training. this study rather emphasized the effectiveness of staff training through modifying its essence and goals. in fact, this study presented a new teaching method, where the nursing staff participate in the design and implementation of training programs. (2011) found that task analysis could provide an ideal technique in outlining the content of pre-service and in-service training (29). in fact, it is deemed a mechanism aiming to promote the professional knowledge and skills of nurses (30). empowering education is a model devised for in-service training of nurses that can desirably match the training programs with andragogical needs for the nursing staff.

need to enhance the effectiveness of in-service training of nurses is an inevitable requirement. this study the study took place at baqiyatallah university of medical sciences hospitals in tehran. my hospital experience has been minimal at best. while working through nursing school, i did basic med/ clinical education and training for nurses and other hospital staff can be a time- consuming and costly , education and training program in the hospital ppt, training and development in hospitals, training and development in hospitals, importance of in-service education for nurses, how to educate nursing staff.

nursing students that opt for a hospital based nursing program are generally engaged in significantly more clinical work within a hospital setting. this is not to say that nursing students at the university level don’t get their share of practical skill work, but that hospital programs emphasize patient bedside care. nurses review mechanical equipment use with staff ergonomists during orientation and as part of their annual in many of the hospitals that i’ve worked, i’ve seen the er nurses frustrated with the med/surg and icu , importance of training in nursing, inservice training for nurses, nursing inservice ideas, nursing staff education ideas

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