green marketing strategy

one gains the impression that almost every company and brand is now advertising sustainable and fair production – even power producers, fast food giants and mineral oil companies responsible for huge co2 emissions. in general, simple greenwashing is quickly seen through, and not a strategy that promises long-term success; green marketing, by contrast, is the art of credibly marketing your own products as a truly sustainable company. green marketing is not just about the products, but about the company as a whole. the definition of green marketing encompasses every individual aspect of every product – from production and packaging to advertising to distribution. only then can you communicate them so they’re credible in the sense of green marketing and convincing for the target group – which you should do!

consequently, those who fail to capitalize on green marketing not only miss the opportunity to win new customers, but also run the risk of losing existing ones. to establish a clearly recognizable link to one’s own brand, the cooperation partner or charitable purpose should be consistent with the donor’s own portfolio and the commitment should be documented and communicated transparently. another example is pampers: the company donated a tetanus vaccination for every package of diapers sold – green marketing at its finest. the strategy aims to initiate a campaign that promotes the common good or sustainability, but which at first glance has nothing to do with the company, and could even harm its product sales. the outdoor clothing brand patagonia, for example, has committed itself to the sustainable use of clothing by advocating the repair of damaged, and reselling of worn, clothing. consequently, a number of factors need to be considered to ensure sustainable marketing is received as intended.

green marketing involves companies promoting their products or services in a way that showcases their eco-friendliness. green marketing is typically practiced by companies that are committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. furthermore, businesses are increasingly discovering that demonstrating a high level of social responsibility can increase brand loyalty among socially conscious consumers. the key barrier to sustainable business practices, such as green procurement, is the short-term cost. they may choose to highlight how their products are all made from recycled material, how their products are designed to be recycled or reused, their use of biodegradable packaging, or a combination of the three.

both grocers and restaurants are known for their green marketing. brands that promoted acting sustainability through their marketing saw a sales increase of 5%. the public tends to be skeptical of green claims. for example, in 2012 a cbc marketplace study found that dawn antibacterial dish soap, which featured a label showing baby seals and ducklings and claiming that “dawn helps save wildlife,” was found to contain triclosan, which has been officially declared toxic to aquatic life. seaworld orlando’s introduction of its “cup that cares” in 2013 was another dismal example of green marketing gone wrong. further, the cup—and the 40 accessories that could be purchased with it—was plastic, not a favorite of environmental advocates. for green marketing to be successful, it has to fit with your brand. “global consumers are willing to put their money where their heart is when it comes to goods and services from companies committed to social responsibility.”

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green marketing is the process of promoting products or services based on their environmental benefits. these companies use the four pscombination of product, price, place ( distribution), and promotion that encompass five green marketing strategies electronic press kit for businesses with regular media contact, an electronic press kit,

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