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knowing who needs your product, in what form to deliver it to them, and how to do it in a way that strengthens the brand are core ingredients of awesome global marketing. if there’s no difference between the usage and understanding from country to country, a global standardization approach is practical. a large contributor to the company’s explosive global success? with over 3,200 stores in 36 countries outside of the u.s., dunkin donuts has evolved its menu to satisfy the sweet tooth of its global customers. though rezdy’s clients are australian-based, the company needs to cater to its clients’ international visitors.

in this screenshot below, you can see pearse trust posts lots of content featuring international affairs relating to the company’s practice. in 2003, mcdonald’s introduced the mcarabia, a flatbread sandwich, to its restaurants in the middle east. unger and kowitt is a traffic ticket law firm based in fort lauderdale defending drivers in the state of florida. not to mention, the brand sticks with selling an emotion that can’t get lost in translation: happiness. the screenshot above is part of spotify’s “browse” page, where you can listen not just to “country” and “hip-hop,” but also music that caters to your “workout” or “sleep” preferences.

the key is leveraging the right technology, thinking outside the box, and building a creative strategy that best positions businesses to conquer global marketing and reach their business goals. however, we will share a secret: most types of marketing — including global — come down to one important key aspect: audience. however, in an effort to recognize its international customers, dunkin’ launched a line of flavors, ranging from dry pork and seaweed to mango and grapefruit. the brands we have reviewed thus far in this article are american-born brands that have expanded their product lines, global marketing strategies, and have been successful at reaching international audiences.

after reading the above examples, you are likely thinking of some ways to leverage content and technology to build a global marketing strategy for your business and brand. researching your target audience and customer base, including geographical region, culture, interests, age and gender, and other demographics is the first step to nailing down a solid global marketing strategy. however, by truly understanding your global audiences and leveraging the right martech tools, you can execute a global marketing strategy that actually works. check out this list of some recent, useful social media marketing tips that will make you a better freelancer, content strategist and creator.

red bull. airbnb. dunkin donuts. domino’s. rezdy. world wildlife foundation. pearse trust. nike. 5 examples of global marketing strategies with technology at work 1. airbnb 2. dunkin’ donuts 3. beyond its breakdown per country or region, a global marketing strategy almost always consists of, types of global marketing strategies, types of global marketing strategies, successful marketing strategies examples, global marketing strategies pdf, 10 awesome global marketing strategies for companies.

for example, shampoos and oils are normally sold in bottles of 250 or 500 ml, but in emerging markets like india, airbnb – immersive travel the online marketplace and hospitality service brokerage company airbnb is a great example 5 impressive global marketing strategy examples. published by andjela dasic at november 4,,

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