gillette brand positioning

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it was later merged with p&g and hence now falls under the umbrella of p&g company. this eliminated    the need to unwarp the blades 1957    gillette introduces an adjustable razor with three settings – for light, medium and heavy beards. it came up with a commercial to show their unique product and its functioning. slowly it started to collaborate with the top players of all sports to advertise for its brand. this campaign was run worldwide and one of the findings of the campaign was that 2 out of 3 women like clean shaven men. although gillette was successful in capturing the market for its double-edged razors, its new flagship product – gillette mach 3; a three-blade razor; was a big flop in the market.

a unique marketing campaign- shave india movement was designed to catch the attention of rich and poor alike. this campaign was a huge success and also resulted in increasing the sales of mach 3 razors by a whopping 500% and reaching a market share of razors to 40%. its ‘use your and’ campaign encouraged women to move beyond the labels. the campaign #useyourand encourages women to move beyond labels. the campaign also talks about gender based equality and conveys the message to break through that mentality. also after the success of gillette mach 3 turbo, it decided to launch a similar product called venus power for women, thus creating gender segmentation. the huge variety and range of razors position them for people from all classes.

2-brand performance : the brand is the first choice of the consumers. its various products like shaving gel, shaving foam, it’s the alternative marketing universe occupied by gillette. thanks to years of product innovation substitutes like shaving machines are also not the exact substitutes for the product. positioning-. gillette, . it seems that gillette are positioning themselves at the luxury end of the shaving market, relying on their considerable brand power, technology and key market relationships (product placement in art of shaving) to innovate and break free from the \’price and value driven\’ end of the market.

gillette, the best men can be campaign video. brand purpose is the new positioning. we see in so, gillette doesn’t simply advertise touching the razor and using the product. instead, it features bold and sexy men on its gillette’s #thebestmencanbe ad takes yet another brand off the sidelines and onto a side, as a brand videos (spread via youtube, not by tv) that took an extreme position on price.,

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