functional fitness workouts for firefighters

you may have heard the term “functional fitness” before, but what does it means to be a firefighter who is functionally fit?â  functional fitness is a method of fitness that uses real-life activities and positions to best prepare you for optimal fireground performance. functional fitness has many options and approaches, but it is the best solution to help you be fit for duty and enjoy a long career in the fire service. when addressing core strength and flexibility, the beauty of these movements is that they can be done in conjunction with your regularly programmed workout of the day, or as a standalone workout. the goal is to increase work capacity, endurance, resilience, and recovery in a manner that supports fireground functions (relatively short bursts of high intensity, strength-reliant work).

perhaps one of the most practical methods of improving functional fitness is by putting on turnout gear and scba and executing the same tasks that you perform on the fireground. the latter is representative of your nutrition, medical conditions, and behavioral/mental health. kerrigan is a graduate of the national fire academy’s executive fire officer program and holds a master’s degree in executive fire service leadership. jim moss has been in the fire service for over 10 years and is currently a lieutenant with the metro west fire protection district of st. louis county, missouri.

within the realm of firefighting, thinking about functional fitness training in terms of “the big eight” nearly 100 functional exercises and photos to keep workouts interesting and fun; 3 ways to build a firefighter fitness a typical workout. crawling x40 meters. farmer carry x40 meters. sandbag firefighter clean x10. pipe pull x10 each side. sandbag stair climb x5 flights. over-the-shoulder sled drag x40 meters., firefighter functional fitness pdf, firefighter functional fitness pdf, firefighter workout, firefighter hiit workout, firefighter fitness.

health & fitness: fitness for the fire attack aaron zamzow explains the functional connection between the workout programming chapter gives firefighters numerous options for putting the big 8 into action, taking into consider these exercises: pushes: push-ups, standing overhead press, standing cable press; pulls , firefighter group workouts, firefighter leg workout, firefighter fitness app, personal training for firefighters

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