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xp uses verbal discussion to explain to the programmers what is wanted. again, because in xp the programmers are all together, there is little need to pass much paper back and forth. it is common for xp teams to have some pictures of the system’s design on the wall for extended periods. if there is a need to communicate outside the team, and it can’t be done by coming together, then of course it is just fine to write something.

in essence, if there is an idea in our head when we write the code, we require ourselves to express that idea directly in the code. this documentation, like the acceptance tests belonging to the customer, has the advantage that it is executable. i think it should be clear that we desire strongly to minimize documentation, but that just like most everyone, we want all the documentation that the project actually needs, and no more. the fee is small and shows a bit of support for what i do! this is ronjeffries.com, the combination of new articles, xprogramming, sameelephant, and perhaps even some new items never before contemplated.

by using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our cookie policy, privacy policy, and our terms of service. software engineering stack exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. i have read that for xp, the implementation chapter is the code itself. the trick that agile is trying to teach people is to learn what is necessary and what is cruft. in the past, a lot of documentation was cruft. overly detailed, and often as over engineered as the code that was generated from it. the code you are writing is there to solve a problem, so consider the documentation as also needing to solve a problem.

and … following agile practices … whats the simplest solution that will solve the problem in the clearest way? and what level of understanding am i going to assume they have? each must fit the problem and the context of the problem. treat all the available options as a palette of solutions you can pick and choose from to apply to your project. by core definition of xp methodology, there is a lack of design specification or documentations. supporters of xp stress the following: coders like coding, not documenting, and coders like seeing code they’ve written work. it’d be selfish just to code and never document or comment on how the software works. any documentation is tough for a programmer since he can never explain the software in less than ten hundreds of words.

–groucho marx outside your extreme programming project, you will probably need documentation: by in extreme programming methodology, what artifacts/ can be used to document the implementation?i have used an activity diagram to document the design extreme programming (xp) is a software development methodology viewpoint so the programmer can concentrate on coding, rather than documentation of compromise objectives and constraints., .

agile modeling (am) is a practices-based software process whose scope is to describe how to model and document in an extreme programming doesn’t prevent you from writing documentation-it insists only that you justify why you need it. i suppose this is another extremeprogramming challenge or three. architectural documents: an xp project will be,

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