environmental marketing strategies

as a company tries to rebrand itself as green, it risks accusations of “greenwashing” or using marketing tactics to create a false impression of environmental responsibility. small businesses seeking to leverage the power of “going green” should carefully coordinate genuine actions and marketing strategies. companies often send a press kit to every media outlet in the area. a business could convert all of the documents and images into electronic files and offer the kit as a downloadable folder on its website. the website could even indicate that the electronic press kit is part of an ongoing effort to reduce the business’ environmental impact.

converting to biodegradable packaging provides customers with a visible symbol of the company’s commitment to “going green.” the business can also leverage the eco-friendly packaging as part of its advertising program to help draw in new environmentally conscious customers. if a small business owner tries to rebrand the business as green, but drives a fuel inefficient truck or suv, the green marketing effort seems deceptive. a very simple type of green marketing is to make a public announcement, through a press release for example, that the business will pursue green policies. if the changes go off as planned and, particularly, if they reap benefits like reduced costs, follow public declarations about the change can help to solidify the public perception of the business as green. a business can cut paper waste and printing costs, while providing equal or greater levels of content, by shifting over to e-newsletters.

one gains the impression that almost every company and brand is now advertising sustainable and fair production – even power producers, fast food giants and mineral oil companies responsible for huge co2 emissions. in general, simple greenwashing is quickly seen through, and not a strategy that promises long-term success; green marketing, by contrast, is the art of credibly marketing your own products as a truly sustainable company. green marketing is not just about the products, but about the company as a whole. the definition of green marketing encompasses every individual aspect of every product – from production and packaging to advertising to distribution. only then can you communicate them so they’re credible in the sense of green marketing and convincing for the target group – which you should do!

consequently, those who fail to capitalize on green marketing not only miss the opportunity to win new customers, but also run the risk of losing existing ones. here are three popular strategies: for every product sold, a sum of money or a product goes to an ngo or is used for a clearly defined environmental or social purpose. another example is pampers: the company donated a tetanus vaccination for every package of diapers sold – green marketing at its finest. the strategy aims to initiate a campaign that promotes the common good or sustainability, but which at first glance has nothing to do with the company, and could even harm its product sales. the outdoor clothing brand patagonia, for example, has committed itself to the sustainable use of clothing by advocating the repair of damaged, and reselling of worn, clothing. consequently, a number of factors need to be considered to ensure sustainable marketing is received as intended.

five green marketing strategies electronic press kit for businesses with regular media contact, an electronic press kit 1. sustainable design. the most important green marketing strategy is to operate a business that’s green marketing is not just about the products, but about the company as a whole. sustainability, .

green values, environmental marketing strategies, structures and functions are logically connected to each other as natural environment have called for research that links environmental marketing strategies to the performance of the fi. gripping the trend, companies are turning to a marketing strategy that helps to hook such consumers in,,

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