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as you work to complete your apprenticeship program, become licensed as a journeyman and eventually go on to become a master electrician and independent contractor, you will work closely with your local electrical trade regulatory agency. this means you would still need to gain the remaining hours of experience on-the-job through a trainee field placement or apprenticeship before you would be eligible for your journeyman license. during this time you would study in the classroom and be placed with a local electrical contractor to gain much of the job experience required to earn your journeyman license.

once you’ve completed the classroom education and on-the-job training required of your apprenticeship program, you should be well-qualified to take your jurisdiction’s journeyman electrician examination. if you are interested in any of the following, then check with the licensing authority in your jurisdiction to see if any of these specialty licenses would be available to you: qualifying for a specialty license usually involves gaining additional work experience and education, as well as passing another examination. at some point in your career as a master electrician, you may decide to take the next step and become an independent electrical contractor. once you have completed this step you are prepared to work as a highly experienced senior electrician at the top of your field.

from our basic lighting and electrical utility needs to the mega-watt commercial and industrial as you near the end of your apprenticeship or on-the-job training program, you can start preparing for the you’re an electrician at heart—now you just need the training and know-how to turn your talents into a successful career. you wouldn’t be the first person to ask, “how do i find colleges near me?” thankfully, it’s easy to discover , electrician training programs, electrician training programs, electrical trade school near me, electrician trade school, electrician school online.

learn more about how to become an electrician, program curriculum, apprenticeships, and the career to find an iec apprentice training program near you, click here. call the national office at (703) 549-7351. is there an electrician school near me? the answer is yes! independent electrical contractors has locations nationwide, , electrician schools, electrician training near me, electrician trade school or apprenticeship, master electrician classes near me

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